Please note: I am only accepting paperback copies of horror fiction at this time and audio download codes for horror fiction.

About The Reviews . . . 

Hi there, thanks for visiting! My name is Laurie and in the past I've been a reviewer for All About Romance and JERR's now defunct newsletter and Horror After Dark as well as doing my own thing here.

I LOVE books and grew up reading King, Koontz, McCammon and Poppy Z. Brite when other kids were reading normal stuff :)  Please know that these reviews aren't meant to be a reliable dissection of literary treasures written to sell books. They're written for fellow bookworms whose reading time is precious.

All of my "reviews" will always be based purely on whim, fancy and mood. They are not to be taken too seriously. Sometimes I use gif's, sometimes not, sometimes I'm long-winded, sometimes I'm a little lazy. Hey, you get what pay for around here. 

If you've read a few of my reviews and you still want a review, the odds are much higher that you know how I operate and you might just have something I'd love to review. Please remember I post the good, the bad and all of the stuff in the middle and will gleefully post it everywhere.If, for some crazy reason, you still want a review of your audiobook, paperback or horror movie please send an email to barklesswagmore@live.com

What Do I Read?
  • Horror & Dark Fiction 
  • Romance (no inspirationals)
  • Erotica (all kinds as long as it's well written)
What Don't I Read?
  • Everything else
  • Books with a cliffhanger
  • Mid-series books
What Formats Are Acceptable?
  • Paperbacks, Audiobook codes or MP3's or Downloads
  • Please, I beg of you, NO ebook requests. It's not that I'm greedy, I bookcross them and/or donate them to my library when I'm done so new readers can discover the joy of reading. I much prefer the experience of reading a paperback to an ereader.
What Do I Watch?

Horror films and horror tv shows. Yep, that's it. If you'd like to send me a DVD, I'd be happy to give it a viewing. Horror film reviews are typically run on a Friday. You can email me at barklesswagmore@live.com. Please put HORROR MOVIE REVIEW in the subject line otherwise it may be missed.

When Will Reviews Be Posted?

I am not good with pressure & will not take on more than I can handle so you may not hear from me right away. Please don't take it personally. Turn-around time is typically 30 - 45 days once I contact you and unless I state otherwise. You can see what I'm currently reading by checking out my sidebar to the left.

WTF Does DNF Mean and Will it Happen to Me?

DNF is when I do not finish a book. It's a horrible, mean thing to do to a book but sometimes it must be done. Not all books resonate with every reader for various reasons. I reserve the right to DNF any book received in for review and will write a review saying why it drove me to such drastic measures. If you can't deal with this please do not submit your book. 

Where Will Reviews Be Posted?

Reviews will be posted here and at Amazon, Goodreads, Booklikes and Horror After Dark (if applicable). A tweet and an Instagram post will go out too when I start reading and then again when I finish the review. Please note, life happens and acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a review.

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If your book is horror related you can also submit it directly to Horror After Dark where a team of horror fans will see your title. Click this link to have a look-see. Thanks!

 Stay weird!


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