Rabid Heart by Jeremy Wagner Review

Tired of zombies? Read this anyway!

Rabid Heart by Jeremy Wagner
Horror Fiction
Released October 2018
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How far would you go for love when all you love is DEAD?

Six months after the Necro Rabies pandemic has turned the world into hordes of rabid undead known as "Cujos," 21 year-old Rhonda Driscoll discovers her zombified fiancé, Brad, in her old hometown.

Fearing that her Marine Colonel father will kill undead Brad, Rhonda flees, taking a road-trip with Brad in tow in hopes of starting a new life in a frightening and uncertain world complicated by numerous perils, pure horror, joy, heartbreak, and unconditional love.

These Are My Thoughts:

People say they’re sick of zombies or werewolves or vampires or demons or gawdforbid tentacles and I get it but I am not one of those people. I will read everything and anything if the writing is engaging. This is why one day my piles of books shall be the death of me. I don’t really care if the monster has been done to death because it can always be given new life by a new voice and that is most definitely the case with this book RABID HEART. It is a book about a world in the midst of a zombie apocalypse caused by warmongers who manufactured a rabies outbreak which went all kinds of wrong. The virus kills the host and turns them into flesh eating cujos! And words cannot express how much I love the fact that they’re called cujos throughout this entire story.

Rhonda is a young 20-something who was happily living her life before the outbreak. She was engaged to the love of her life and working as a hairstylist. Now she’s stuck on a military-type base with her dad and spends her free time finding supplies and killing cujos. Everything she loved is gone and her relationship with her dad is complicated. In a cruel twist of fate, she runs across Brad , her cujo-fied fiancée, and he recognizes her. Not only that, he protects her. She impulsively decides to take him back to camp but the folks there are not at all thrilled with that idea. Understandably . . . he may be tame but he’s still a smelly flesh eating undead cujo. This forces Rhonda to make a series of choices that land her on a road trip through hell where she finds an important reason to carry on.

This is a fast paced story with an engaging writing style that grabbed me from the beginning. Rhonda is snarky and angry and heartbroken so her choices, crazy as they may be, are 100% understandable. The story is filled with gore and dark humor and a disgusting wet dream that made my black heart really freaking happy and it won’t rip out your soul like that damned Walking Dead show! I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun horror novel.

4 ½ stars


  1. a tame zombie, what's not to like? It does sound similar like Warm Bodies movie that was out in 2013, but in that one the zombie fell in love instead

    1. I thought it might go that way at first too but it was very different. I love books that can take on old monster like a zombie and have fun with it.

  2. That sounds really good and that cover is great.

  3. Awesome cover! And I like Rhonda already. :)

  4. I love that cover. Got this on my Santa list. And I never get tired of zombies. LOL

  5. I never get tired of zombies though I've been neglecting them recently but one thing I'm not keen on is romance in zombie books. I don't think this would be my kind of thing!

  6. I can't wait to read this one. You know, I don't know how people can get tired of those things (Although Twilight did spoil the vampire genre for me for a while). Do people who love romance complain of getting tired of HEA endings? I think not! I love that the zombies are called Cujos - awesome King nod. Now tell me, who is tired of tentacles????? Lead them to me!

  7. Couldn't help but chuckle at your review. This sounds gorily fabulous!
    sherry @ fundinmental

  8. I don't get tired of anything in particular - just when they are written the same way over and over.

    But if there are interesting characters or a new twist then I'm in!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  9. This sounds right up my alley!! Adding to my TBR right away! :) Love your book photo with the pup!


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