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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spun by Catherine McKenzie

Spun by Catherine McKenzie
In this funny and touching novella, bestselling author Catherine McKenzie returns to the story of Amber Sheppard, It Girl and celebrity train wreck from McKenzie’s reader-favourite novel, Spin.

Life has been rough for starlet Amber since leaving rehab. She’s been two years sober, but no one seems to believe her -- not the gossip media, not casting agents, and most certainly not her spotlight-loving parents. With her friendships ruined by betrayal and her career at a standstill, Amber’s just trying to get her life back on track. It doesn’t help that her former love, movie star Connor Parks, keeps trying to draw Amber back in, not just to their relationship but to his hard-partying ways. One fateful night, Amber breaks down and agrees to join him on board his private jet as it readies for take-off -- a decision that will change her life forever and expose her to a whole new level of scrutiny and heartbreak.
4.5 out of 5, here's why:
Spun is a novella, 2 hrs 47 mins (or 140 pgs), and is a spin-off of a previous book called Spin. I haven’t read Spin yet (but plan to now) and had no problem following this story. I wish all attached stories could manage to do this.

Amber is a former child star struggling to get her life together. She is the classic tale of child star turned wastrel. She fell in love with a bad boy, has been in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, has a strained relationship with her parents, ruined all but the lamest of career opportunities with her on-set bad behavior and instability and is now hounded by the paparazzi who want nothing more than to see her continued downfall.

Amber has made a complete mess of her life and she knows it. She doesn’t deny it, she doesn’t get all “poor me” and she doesn’t lay the blame on anyone but herself. She’s trying to do what’s right even though it’s probably the most difficult thing she’s ever faced. This is why I liked Amber right away. She has managed to stay sober for two years and has avoided the former love of her life for over six months because he is her kryptonite. But then she’s dealt a devastating blow to the heart, forced to face betrayal after betrayal and has a family who doesn’t have any faith that she is actually “sober”. This story is about the roughest patch of Amber’s young life.

Amber is never unlikable, she’s just a mess. At this point in her life, she’s vulnerable and facing so many betrayals that you hope she’s able to come out of it with her sobriety and her sanity intact. I really felt for her, even teared up once or twice, if you can believe that. You see the entire devastating mess from Amber’s POV and you really feel her pain. She even managed to maintain a self-deprecating sense of humor about herself and her life that always kept the book from being completely dreary as Amber struggles to deal with becoming a stable adult.

I enjoyed this story and the breezy (but not immature) writing style. If you’re into audiobooks and this sort of dramatic story, this is a great choice. The narrator drew me in and kept me. Her voice sounds world weary but still young enough and I never felt jolted out of the story or lost when other characters spoke.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cool to the Touch by Terry Maggert

Cool to the Touch, Short Horror Erotica
As long as there is life, there will be the need for love. When a plague brings our worst fears to life, and the dead refuse to be still, one man is left with his own moral dilemma when he discovers the woman of his dreams isn't exactly alive. Nor is she completely dead. In this short tale of horror and erotica, we answer a question:

How consuming is love?
4.5 out of 5, here's why:
Cool to the Touch combines two things that should never, ever go together. Zombies and sex. Yeah, you read that right. Zombie sex. Sex with zombies. Not exactly the stuff of which dreams are made.

“How consuming is love?”

Would you believe me if I told you this is a sensitive and eloquently written tale of love, loss, lust and utter hopelessness? You should because it’s true.

I quite enjoyed it. It’s not all up in your face gross as most of the “monster porn” I’ve read has a tendency to be (not that there's anything wrong with that either!). It’s sexy but not super explicit. It’s .99 cents for 12 pages of terrible beauty and if this author decides to write a full out erotic horror novel I’ll be the first in line to one-click that thing.

Read it if this is your thing. I won’t judge you. Come on. You know you want to. . . Here's a small sample of what's in store.

"Things were precarious just then. I could feel the aftershocks of her own pleasure clenching me at the root, as if every drop of me might bring her back from the edge of depravity that she stood upon."

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler Audiobook
In Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. Powered by Amy’s charming and hilarious, biting yet wise voice, Yes Please is a book full of words to live by.
3 out of 5, here's why:
This book neither made me laugh nor did it make me cry, as promised in the blurbage. I guess this confirms that I am heartless. I am what I am.

Despite that, and despite not knowing much about Amy Poehler, I thought it was an interesting and often amusing listen and I learned a lot about the author's life and her rise to fame. It skips around in time but that didn't bother me because she tells us she's going to do so right from the beginning. She seems like a super fun person who has worked hard to get where she is. She has made mistakes and owns up to them. I liked the bits about her youth best and wish there were more of them featuring her long, lost Boston accent. If you're a super fan, you'll surely get more out of this book than I did. If you're not, you'll probably find it amusing and a decent enough way to spend a few hours.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Personal: My Sweet Buddy

The blogs I love best are those that tell me all about the latest and greatest books and movies but also a little something about the person/people behind the blogs. So here's a little something. Actually it's a big 80+ pound something.  I'm about to bring the room down so please feel free to skip by this one.

My sweet Buddy has a brain tumor. Ugh, a brain tumor. It hurts to write that.

He's been having seizures for the first time in his almost eleven years. The first happened about 8 weeks ago, the second last Monday and the third this Monday. Seizures are a scary thing. They make him blind and wobbly for a good 30 - 45 minutes and this last one kept him off his feet for almost an hour. He's had a long life of leisure and we have been truly fortunate to have had him with us for this long. He was originally my sister's dog but he landed with me when he was only 9 months old when she divorced her husband. He's always been the sweetest, goofiest dog, scared of his own shadow and will give his favorite bed up to any cat who wants it. I've always said he's a poor example of a golden retriever. He can't catch to save his life. He is one of those dogs you can toss a piece of chicken at and he'll manage to move his head the wrong direction so it beans him in the eye/ear/nose/forehead. Every time. He also never learned to swim. When he was younger, he'd walk across the shallow end of the pool on his two back legs and do the doggy paddle with his two front paws and think he was swimming. But he's also the best example of the breed, he's sweet, loyal and is always there to comfort you when you're sad. Golden's his size typically don't make it past nine years, I'm told. I had a smaller retriever who lived until 16 so I was hoping . . . but it isn't meant to be. He probably only has a few months left so for now he's getting all of the treats he wants and I'll take him on the trails for short walks as long as he is able. Give your pets a hug and an extra treat. Their lives are so damn short.

Here he is "sharing" his bed with Evil Kitty.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Must Watch Creepy TV: True Nightmares

Need some creepy tv to brighten up your October?  Have I got the show for you.

True Nightmares is one of my favorite new guilty pleasures. It reminds me very much of Tales from the Crypt with its dark twists and do you want to know the creepiest (and best) part about this show?  It’s all true! 

Hosted by a cheeky man named Tom Robbins who dons a black umbrella and ends every episode with “May all your nightmares come true!” this show is pretty much catnip for me. I did a little google investigating and learned that the host has spent his life surrounded by the strange. He’s known for sword swallowing, eating light bulbs and performing magic in various side-show acts. When he says he’s been drawn to the strange, he’s not kidding! He is a terrific host. His facial expressions as he introduces and sums up each episode show his genuine glee with the material. He is fantastic.

“The stories you’re about to see actually happened — they’re nightmares that have already come true.”

Each episode features three real life very weird stories brought to life by actors, usually involving some sort of delicious murder plot. Some of the tales are current, others go way back in time but all of them have a disturbing twist and usually a picture of the real people at the end (call me nosy but I love seeing those). The acting ranges from decent to downright cheesy and over-the-top but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It’s never too serious about its bizarre subject matter and I always walk away from it surprised and highly entertained. 

If you’ve seen it I’d love to know what you think!

Season 2 is currently airing on the Investigation Discovery channel and season 1 is available on DVD.  You can also check out most (if not all) of the episodes online and I highly recommend you do so by clicking HERE.

Do you have any creepy tv favorites to recommend?

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