Between Naps (6)

Between naps, this happened last week (and the week before):

New Reviews:  
Deepest Desires of a Wicked Duke by Sharon Page

Retro Reviews:
Happy Herbivore: Light & Lean by Lindsay S. Nixon 
The Playground by Ray Bradbury
Plague of Gulls by Stephen Gregory
Milk-Blood by Mark Matthews

A New List
This time featuring Hot Mess Heroes

Got My Eye On 
Featuring books I have to have after visiting some of my favorite bloggers

New This Week

I'll likely have less posts over the next few weeks with the holiday craziness ramping up but I'll be back to M-Sat posts in January. My never-ending project of archiving my reviews will continue, forevermore tagged "Retro Reviews". Once again I have nothing blogged ahead and will be flying by the seat of my pants. I envy you people who are much more organized than myself. 

What We've Been Up To 

 Oops, looks like I missed yet another week of Between Naps! I think I'd best make this a bi-monthly thing. I'm just not good at weekly features especially during the holidays (or ever, if I'm being truthful). Patrick and Bud's are getting into the holiday spirit, even if I'm not completely there yet. Patrick even got so excited he peed on the tree. Yes, we now have a beautiful Pee Tree just in time for the holidays.  Awesome.

He is lucky he's cute . . . 

Link Ups

Netgalley Binge

I'm still staying away from this place. 

Ebook Buys

But I'm obviously not staying away from Amazon . . . These were all added to the Ipad. Most were Amazon price drops & a few freebies I found here and there.  Click 'em, some of them may still be free and then I won't feel so bad for grabbing them all :)

Bagged by the Groceries! by [Tucker, Fannie]Suicide Watch by [York, Kelley]23314731Burn: A South Beach Bodyguards Book by [McCarthy, Erin]30038993Pumped By A Pterodactyl: M/F Dinosaur Erotica (Dionna Does Dino Valley Book 1) by [Vixxen, Verity]Ready to Fall (Wingmen Book 1) by [Prescott, Daisy]The Fates by [Tessier, Thomas]Anti Hero by [Warren, Skye]Insatiable by [Quinn, Cari]Score (Skin in the Game Book 1) by [Bell, Christine]Joys R Us by [Fielding, Kim]Beyond the Gates of Toyland: War on Christmas #3 by [Lorn, Edward]A Vampire's Christmas Carol by [Eden, Cynthia]Strong Side (Eastshore Tigers Book 1) by [Hendricks, Alison]

In the Mail

No physical books added to the piles this week. Yay me!

Now Reading

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel by [Ketchum, Jack, McKee, Lucky]133560127395588

I hope you all have a five star week of reading and let me know if you've read any of these! I love to hear from you and will always visit back in return.


  1. Your dog is gorgeous...perfect to cuddle! I'm determined to be more organised year blog got better as the year went on and I want to continue that next year. Have a good reading week!

    1. Thanks chuckles, I hope you have a great week of reading too. So far I haven't read a page due to migraines :(

  2. Hope you have a great week and can get some blogging done in between everything. I don't think I have heard of a pee Great pics of your fur babies!

    Enjoy those reads!! :)


    1. Be thankful you've never heard of the pee tree and I hope you never encounter one :) So far, no books or blogging done. Ugh, the holiday season does not agree with me.

  3. LOL at your pee tree. ::snort:: The pics are so adorable! Hope you have a great week!

    1. The pee tree is barely standing. That demon is living up to his nickname!

  4. I love the pet pics. I hope to get some of the pups this week now that the house is fully decked out. I'm anxiously awaiting your thoughts on The Secret Life of Souls. Hope we both get some downtime once these holidays are over. I think they are killing me this year but we've done some redecorating and upgrades to the house at once (hanging all new curtains, getting rid of a kitchen shelf, adding a new one and tossing tons of stuff we haven't used in years) so I think it's a matter of taking on too much at once!

    1. I can't wait to see new pics of your pups.

      I'm sad to say I am making no headway at all in any of my books. I'm about 30% in The Secret Life of Souls and it's great. It's dark and lovely - my favorite - but I'm stuck in a terrible migraine cycle and have been unable to read on the Kindle app for days :(

      That does sound like a lot to take on at once. We have tons of project slated for spring so I'll be in the same boat. I'll probably be doing more on audio then.

  5. Your pets are so cute! Here is my IMWAYR:

  6. I've been staying away from NetGalley as well, but every so often I start to worry about what I've missed!!!

  7. Cute photos!!

    Lots of nice books....ENJOY!!

    Have a wonderful week, and Merry Christmas.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Merry Christmas to you and yours too :)


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