FREEBIE ALERT: Swamp Beast Impregnation

Never read monster-porn? Here's your chance! This one's free for the Kindle Amazon US.

Swamp Beast Impregnation by Jackie Renquist
Monsterporn!  14 Pages
Amazon ♦ Goodreads
A way-ward explorer takes a dangerous path through a swamp. The creature that lurks there captures and transforms him.

The brave man is prepared to fight the zombies and lizard monsters, but he has no clue that something much more sinister waits for him under the murky waters. When the man falls into the trap of a legendary tentacle monster he immediately thinks he has met his end. How will he react when the beast appears to be more interested in invading his orifices than taking his life? Will the aphrodisiac contained in the creatures slime help ease his terrifying transformation from muscled wandered to swamp-beast’s buxom bride?

Forced Gender Transformation Rough and Messy Tentacle Sex Lactation, Triple Penetration, and Forced Impregnation Mental Change/Mind Control

You're welcome!


  1. I tried to scroll past this on my feed, but I just couldn't. And oh my goodness, now that I've read the blurb, it's even worse than I imagined, haha. And those warnings... Whatever floats people's boats is alright with me, but I'll pass lol.

    1. Hee, hee. It calls out to you, doesn't it? You'll be back for it after my review :)

  2. Lol...I can only imagine my mother's face if she saw this on her kindle. She is on my account so I need to be a good girl...sometimes.

    1. Ah, I would do it just to see the look on her face!

  3. LOL! It's exactly what I was looking for. :D


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