#SpringHorror Review: Cat Call: A Tale of Ghosts and Darker Things by Steve Vernon

Evil kitties and naughty little boys = 5 stars!

Cat Call by Steve Vernon
Narrated by Tom Zainea 
Audiobook Horror Fiction
Released August 2017, Unabridged 28 mins.
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Nobody really knew how long the old Funnel mansion had stood empty, waiting up there high on Carpenter’s Hill like a child’s forgotten lunch box, any more than anybody knew just how long that old cat had squatted in behind the screen of the front porch window. Three young boys are about to find out just exactly what the dark and horrifying secret is behind that cat. 

Only two of them will survive. 

This is a creepy and haunting story of the supernatural. 

My Thoughts:

If you think your cat might really be a demon in disguise you need to read this.

This is mine. His name is Patrick and his purpose on this planet is to slowly drive me insane.

This story had my name all over it. There’s a cat, a creepy-ass house and the promise of a haunting good time and it delivered on all points plus a few more!

I seriously loved this little story and have no idea why I haven’t read this author before now but I’ll be changing that soon because I’ve just purchased two more.

A group of kids decide to investigate the local creepy mansion and dare each other to spit on the porch. Why do boys do such dumb things?! No need to answer that. Anyhow, they see an old gray cat behind the screen nibbling on what looks to them like a piece of raw meat. The dumbest bravest young man faces down the cat and it doesn’t end in a way any of them could ever have imagined!

This story is told from Jeremy’s POV and Jeremy knows true darkness having already experienced it twice in his young life. I am absolutely not going to tell you any more of what happened because you should all read this story for your own selves. Just know that it was heart-tugging and you will feel all kinds of emotions for this young boy within the first few minutes of the story that will continue until the end. Unless you’re totally dead inside, that is. If that’s the case, there’s no helping you. This is some fabulous characterization and I loved every moment of it. Very highly recommend!

If you pick this up on audio you won’t be disappointed by the narration. Tom Zainea has a down to earth voice that fits perfectly with this haunted little tale.

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  1. I'll have to give this a read! Sounds good, though I usually find that authors tend to rush things with shorter stories.

    1. Hi Red Lace. I'd be happy to provide you with a review audiobook copy, if you'd like. Like Bark sort of said - not a lot of people have heard about me, even though I have been writing for over forty years with one of my earliest stories turning up in the pages of the second issue of Cemetery Dance Magazine.

      (Yes, no one can raise the brag-level like a needy male author...)

      So I am basically trying to get the word out there about my work - especially my audiobooks.

    2. Hello, Steve! It's a pleasure to hear from you and my apologies for the delay. I was literally about to buy Cat Call tonight, actually, due to Bark's review. I'd love to try an audiobook copy - I'm a bit of a beginner where audiobooks are concerned. My email is redlace_reviews@hotmail.com, please feel free to contact me there!

  2. I've always found the idea of "evil" cats utterly believable and utterly terrifying. ;D
    This story sounds like a lot of creepy fun.

  3. Ha. "Why do boys do stupid things?" Indeed.

  4. This looks like a good one! Glad you enjoy it!

  5. Woot! Woot! I was hoping you liked this one. And you sure did. I already have my eye on it. I have a couple of books by this author.

  6. Bigfoot Tracks was fun and I still need to write a review for In The Dark And The Deep.

  7. Cats ARE evil, I'm sure of it so anti-cat books are fun!

  8. This sounds good! I have lived with an evil cat or two myself so a evil cat book sounds like fun.

  9. I hope you all love it as much as I did but I really think you will!

  10. Is this by the same Steve Vernon who wrote Kelpie Dreams I wonder?
    If so, I'll look out for Cat Call. I love cats, but looking into their eyes sometimes I just know they must be having truly evil thoughts!!

    1. It is!! And I've just added it to my must-buy list. I think you'll love this one from the sounds of it :)


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