Horror Fiction Review: Crazytimes by Scott Cole

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Crazytimes by Scott Cole

Published May 2020

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You wake up Monday morning and everyone is crazy. Everyone was already crazy, though, right? But somehow things are worse today. People are angry, throwing chairs out of office windows, eating rocks, violently scratching their necks, and running naked through the streets. They’re killing each other for no reason and laughing through the carnage. The whole city is like this. And meteors are falling from the hazy skies above. How are you going to survive? Do you even want to? This isn’t just another manic Monday. This is Crazytimes.

My 2 Cents For Free!

Like SuperGhost and Triple Axe before it, Crazytimes amused me from beginning to end. I highly recommend it if you’re a horror comedy fan and like a messy, disgustingly murdery tale of mayhem!

Trey is a normal guy going through a rough patch. His lady love has left him and he’s still in the licking his wounds stage of grief and awakens one morning wanting to kill someone but there’s no one around but himself so he heads to work instead. This sounds like a good idea in theory but what Trey doesn’t realize is that the world has been infected by something that makes most everyone start behaving very strangely. And everything begins to quickly unravel from there.

The fun of this book is in discovering each little weird interaction Trey spies with his shocked eyes as he attempts to maneuver his day and stumbles across people doing strange and terrible things. I am nosy by nature and his description of these events fascinated me. I couldn’t get enough of them, to be honest. It is such a gross, weird and amusing type of apocalypse to behold! Be warned though because nothing is sacred here. Kids, babies, animals? It’s all fair game but the gaze doesn’t linger on it for long and it’s written in a lightish hearted tone so your soul probably won’t be scarred forever if you read it. If it is, don't come back here and blame me. I used up all of my f*cks to give a couple months ago. But seriously if it were too much I’d definitely let you know!

Once things get going, the action does not stop and it gets wilder and wilder as it goes along. That’s what I love most about this writer. His books take turns no one could ever predict and this one is no exception. I love being surprised like this. You won’t find any deep emotion here and you know what? That’s just fine by me when a book is this fun. There’s room for all kinds of books and sometimes your brain is screaming for something delightfully wicked and this one fits in that category just fine.



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