House of Rot by Danger Slater | Book Review

Lots of goo inside this house!

House of Rot by Danger Slater

Released June 2023

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The pink mold growing on the walls isn’t the worst thing about Elenya and Myles’ brand new fixer upper. There’s also the inexplicable footsteps in the night; the sealed-over windows and doors; the neighbor that hears their screams but can’t be bothered to help. Soon, there’s no leaving at all. No hope of cleaning. And that encroaching mold? It’s practically become a second skin. Welcome to the House of Rot . You’re never getting out.

My 2 Cents for Free!

If you’re craving a read that will make you go “ewwwww” for pages on end and just when you get to thinking it can’t get any worse IT DOES, do I ever have a book for you!

Newlyweds Elenya and Myles are all wide-eyed and optimistic about their new apartment and they stay far longer than I ever would’ve! On their first night they hear an extremely loud intruder so they go around and turn on every single light - including the cell phone light, lol but all they find is some green mold. Myles declares they’re just tired and they go back to bed thinking they’ll clean up the weird mold in the am and get on with their lives. But that doesn’t exactly happen.

Their lives and bodies may never be the same again, actually.

This book is disgusting. Mold just freaks me out and there’s SO much mold here. There are even some lovely illustrations of the mold. If you love mold this will be a keeper for sure. If you don’t like the mold this will still be fun because of the biting sarcasm and the nasty body horror and the annoying neighbor Brad who loves to hear himself talk and is terribly unhelpful and unconcerned. I mean, who doesn’t know a creepy PIA like Brad? And who doesn’t like nasty body horror? (it’s ok if you don’t though so don’t yell at me, I’m fragile)

The characters are fun. They are super optimists so I didn’t really understand them but their hope is contagious and kind of hilarious. If you want to get a good lasting case of the icks and have some moldy nightmares forever I highly recommend reading House of Rot (whose title pretty much says it all!).



  1. Mold would be bad in any place but something like this would be awful.

    1. It was truly a frightful amount of mold. Yuck!

  2. "This book is disgusting" lol. I love how they're super optimisitc too. I imagine I'd be like out of there after 10 pages...

  3. Mold really freaks me out...and I think this book would, too. ;D

    1. Most definitely. There's so much mold and it's so lovingly described!


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