Erotica Review: My Wildest Dreams: The Pep Squad Incentive by Alexis Leitz

My Wildest Dreams: The Pep Squad Incentive

Some books just aren't meant for you, you know? You can't please everyone and all that. I promised myself I would stop reading books that weren't thrilling me this year because my tbr pile is scary high. I'm sad to say this is one of them. I've listened to more than half of the audio now and I'm calling it quits. The two of us just didn't connect and I'll tell you why (because that's what I do).

1. The opening cruise scene feels like a porn movie come to life. A swinging couple meet two naive exhibitionist virgins ready for fun. Yeah. I think I'm the wrong target audience for this. I need a little romance in my erotica or at least a monster. He doesn't even have to be sexy. But this had neither. I am sad.

2. The book constantly switches from 1st person POV to 3rd person POV. It was distracting and a little confusing at times because I couldn't always figure out who had just walked into the scene. Where the hell had she come from? Oh wait, that's just Lexie. My brain, oh how it hurts.

3. It reads like a diary of boring daily events instead of a fun adventure. Two young, beautiful friends meet people, make food, walk around naked, go swimming, talk cars, play mini-golf and have some sexy times. There didn't seem to be any plot or point and that might be okay if it wasn't all so boring. It could be me. I'll admit that. I'm spoiled by years of reading and I'm not into cars or mini-golf or spoiled young ladies bitching about how controlling their absent "parental units" are. Boo hoo hoo. Move out then, you lazy creatures. But, hey, if that's your thing go for it!

4. I know people don't pick up a series called "All American Exhibitionist" looking for a read that's going to change their life (or do they?) but I at least hoped for a smidgen of humor and/or character development or something vaguely interesting to happen. I found myself tuning out so I'm shutting it down for good.

Please don't tell me I'm missing all the good stuff by not finishing because I'm sticking my fingers in my ears.

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