Erotica Review: Mechanic by Alexa Riley

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So, a beauty walks into an auto repair shop, has work done, conveniently forgets her cash. The sexy, bearded mechanic is all, “Well, well, then! Show me your kitty-cat and we’ll call it even”. I suppose most normal people might be a little skeeved out by this.

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But this little sheltered chickadee? Well, she’s all turned on by this bad boy and kind of flattered too.

So she shows him her goodies because this is an Alexa Riley story, after all, and then stuff happens and happens again and again.

If you were wondering, and I’m sure you were, yes, the heroine is a virgin and, yes, the hero is an over-protective alpha on steroids who falls into that sweet, sweet kind of insta-lust that he calls love. Alexa Riley never disappoints.

But wait! There’s more to this story. The heroine is a poor little rich girl who is being forced to marry a slimeball because her daddy says so. Daddy also threatens that she’ll never, ever be able to see her sick granny again if she refuses. Instead of telling granny the truth, you know, like a normal person would, she says, “ok, daddy” but is so turned on by the mechanic that she’s got herself into quite a predicament now. But how on earth can she be expected to resist such sweet words of love such as these?

"I plan on c*mming inside you until you're bred." and "Tell me you want it deep inside you, coating your unprotected womb.”

I admit that these books are not the best written literary treasures out there in Kindle-land. This one has some grammatical errors that even I noticed which means they must be super obvious and the characters are all similar shades of each other but they’re infectious in their over-the-top way and hard to put down. When you pick up one of these you know what you’re getting. This one even includes a little bonus story that I think I liked more than the main story.

I won’t give it all away because you’re either dying to read this by now or you just won’t admit it yet!

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