Finders Keepers by Stephen King (audio)

Finders Keepers
3 of 5 stars
Finders Keepers is about a long ago crime and a boy who unwittingly gets himself in trouble with a murderer when he uncovers buried treasure and doesn’t keep it a secret. Characters from Mr. Mercedes make an appearance but they’re not a huge part of this one.

I enjoyed Finders Keepers but not quite as much as Mr. Mercedes. The villain here didn’t interest me nearly as much as Brady. Brady was a weirdo who loved his mama a wee bit too much and I found him interesting. Morris here is just an entitled, spoiled, rich brat who messed up his life because he takes everything he wants even when it doesn’t belong to him. This did not interest me. It just made me disgusted with his sorry ass.

I feel like copying and pasting my words from my Mr. Mercedes review and, because I’m a lazy slug of a reader and would rather be reading right now, I think I shall plagiarize myself and change up a word here and there like all the best plagiarists do.

What we have here is a tense thriller, light on the horror, high on the suspense. I’m more a fan of the horror than I am of the thriller and this one won’t change my mind. It’s a little overlong but it’s a King book. What do you expect, people? Lots of pages fly by without much of anything really happening if you stop to think about it. But at least they fly by because King has a way with the words. The end made me happy enough and the characterization is decent. We’re supposed to despise the villain and despise him I did so I guess it works. As I mentioned, Morris is a miserable waste of a human who can’t own up to his mistakes. I find that type boring but that’s just me. He’s an ok #1 crazed fan type, I suppose, but he is nowhere near the level of Misery’s Annie Wilkes. If you haven’t read Misery you may love this. Will Patton, as always, reads every page fantastically. Oh yes, he does. He needs to read all of the horror books. That man knows how to bring a story to life and voices the ladies without making them sound silly.

I hate rating these things but I’ll explain because someone will likely call me out at some point.

I’m giving the production a 5 and the story a low 3. This, to me, means I liked it the way I like a Reese’s when I can’t run out to Trader Joe’s and buy a genuine peanut butter cup .

I’ll settle on something just below a 4 but I’m not rounding up for anyone.

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