Horror Review: The Many by Nathan Field

3 1/2 of 5 Stars
Sometimes, quite a lot of the times actually, after reading a bunch of reviews of a book I’ve just read, I wonder if I’ve read a different version of the same book. A version that maybe wasn’t quite the same as the one everyone else had read because I didn’t have nearly as much fun as they sounded like they were having throughout the middle part of the book.

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Or maybe it’s just me.

The Many started out so promising but like many a book that has come before it, something went awry in the middle and it began to lose me. It begins when a young lady goes on a blind date to have a little fun. Things start out great, he’s gorgeous and rich but she starts to get cold feet when he seems to know just a wee bit too much personal information about her. She asks him to take to her home but something else happens instead. That “something else” is the big secret of this book so I am not going to spill it. It’s also the reason she turns into a crazed, angry, super violent woman and does a very bad and very terrible thing.

Left dealing with the aftermath, her younger brother Karl takes it upon himself to find out more about this most suspicious blind date. He soon realizes this wasn’t a one-time thing and is much more insidious than he first suspected. Karl joins forces with the daughter of another victim of this personality/rage sickness and the two of them work as a team to ferret out the truth. The truth is disturbing and fantastically full of WTFery. I have to admit that as strange and over the top and nearly nonsensical as the ending was, I loved it, I truly did. It brought everything back around and it was worth slogging through the middle which reminded me too much of a tepid Robin Cook storyline for a bit there mixed up with a snoozy crime investigation. Those two things aren’t my favorites so after the creepy and fast paced beginning with its hints of a devious sex ring, or somesuch horrible, horror-ish thing, I have to say the middle bored me so much I almost called it quits. But for once, I am glad I stuck things through because I would’ve missed the nutty ending!

*I received a copy of this ARC from Netgalley.

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