The Future of Sex by Lexi Maxxwell (erotica review)

The Future of Sex
3 of 5 stars
This was a Kindle freebie until Amazon pulled it. Why, Amazon, why do you do these terrible things?!!

For an erotica freebie, this one was pretty good. It's only a novella and ends a little abruptly but the story about a futuristic society and a sex worker trying out for a better position was kind of interesting. Weird that she was so perfect at everything but maybe that's explained somewhere in the future . . . I don't like reading this "part 1" installment type nonsense, finish your book already and release it when it's done, I'm too lazy to chase down sequels, so a 3 1/2 it is.

And, yeah. I'm bothered because the other two books are not available anywhere apparently. WTH? Now I'll never know what delights the future of sex have in store for mortals. Damn it all.

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If any of you know why Amazon pulls all the good books, can you please let me know in the comments?!  It's driving me nuts.


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