Come the Chupacabra: An Erotic Horror Story by Ffion Rhys

Come the Chupacabra by Ffion Rhys
What happens when you stir together a sultry Mexican setting, ten college students, Mayan ruins, and a sex-crazed, mythological monster pack? An eruption of bloodshed and tears, and screams and moans that never stop, that’s what. So lick your lips and bend your hips, because this deliciously sexy creature feature is about to redefine "horror" forever.
I'm giving this 4 out of 5 & here's why:
It's a Chupacabra freebie! You know you want it.

What's not to want? A VW packed with silly, sexy grad students decides to trek out to see "The Ruins" and find the mysterious Chupacabra (that, my dears, is never a good idea but they do it anyway). Instead of finding deadly man-eating vines like those fools in Scott B. Smith's novel "The Ruins", they do indeed find the Chupacabra. A whole bunch of them and they're super friendly. All they want is a wee bit of good lovin'.

This wasn't too bad for what it was (an orgy with many Chupacabra's).

The writing wasn't horrific, it was just a sex-fest with furry beasts and humans. Girl/girl, guy/guy, girl/guy/chupa, guy/guy/Chupa. You know, the normal stuff and any other variation you can imagine. You'll either like it or you won't read it.

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