Between Naps (4)

Between naps, this happened last week:

Horror Reviews 
Facial by Jeff Strand
Fresh Cut Tales by Kenneth W. Cain

Other Reviews:
Brides of Prairie Gold by Maggie Osborne
Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

New Romances In November

Got My Eye On:  Book & Blog Finds

New This Week

In my never-ending project of archiving my reviews, I have tentatively scheduled reviews by authors Stephanie Dosen, M.R. Carey and Agatha Christie.  I'll likely have another Got My Eye On which highlights the blogs and books I discovered while poking around here, there and everywhere.

Real Life

 This week there was more lounging about by Patrick, Mia and Bailey (the others were camera shy). Poor Buddy is still wobbling but he's no longer falling down as much and he's smiling again so I'm taking that as a good sign that the meds are evening out in his system. It's not easy picking up a 87 lb dog, let me tell ya :)
 Besides a book or two, I managed to finish up some simple dishcloths. Oh the excitement that is my life. Seriously though, making these things is mindless so I can watch tv and feel like I'm getting something accomplished. They're also super useful for washing doggy faces. 
♥ We went and splurged on The Girl on the Train. I don't go to movies often because $$$ but this was pretty faithful to the book as far as I remember and everyone was still a jerk so I wasn't disappointed. My husband thought the whole thing was just depressing. Ah well. 
 My new Graze box arrived! Have you all tried it? It's filled with 8 snacks that are mostly delish, affordable and relatively healthy and it keeps me going when I'm stuck at work without my lunch. The chocolate snacks are always the best. Here's hoping some day they have an all chocolate subscription box. I'll be all over that!
♥ New (to me) recipe of the week: Tortellini Soup in the Crockpot  A+ Easy and a hit with the vegetarian and the two meat eaters. What more could you want?

Link Ups

Netgalley Binge

I successfully avoided the siren call of Netgalley this week! Maybe now I can work on getting caught up.

Audible & Ebook Buys

My Amazon Wishlist got me again. These books had price drops and somehow landed on my Ipad. 

A Duet: The Beginning - Scorpio Stinger MC Series: Ryder Plus Two Worlds Colliding by [Kay, Jani] New Recruit (Up in Flames Book 1) by [Petrova, Em]Winter Ball by [Lane, Amy]Bunny And The Bear (Furry United Coalition Book 1) by [Langlais, Eve]Beauty Touched the Beast: A Sexy Modern Fairy Tale by [Warren, Skye]

In the Mail

Still Reading


I've been in a bit of funk and am still making my way through the same two books. I hope you all have a fabulous week of reading and let me know if you've read any of these! I love to hear from you and will always visit you in return.


  1. Oh, you managed to stay away from Netgalley this week and I didn' :) It's always nice to have a haul with no review books, good job! :)


  2. Oh man. I feel your pain on the archiving. I'm working on that too. Ee! Cute her babes <3

    1. It is the project that will never end. I wish you luck with yours :)

  3. I never go to the cinema to watch's so expensive! When you add the food price you can just buy the dvd at £10 on release and enjoy it at home with some junk food instead! I usually wait and grab dvds I like the look at when they get down to £5 or less...I might make it an exception for Fantastic Beasts when it comes out and get it full price...

    1. You're so right. It's ridiculously expensive. My husband has some savings card that he bought, of course, so we try to use it once a month to get our money's worth. LOL, what a scam they run!

    2. Fantastic Beasts looks amazing. That'll probably be our December film.

  4. I think everyone had a slow reading week this week. I've seen a lot of people mentioning it on blogs. I'm still looking forward to seeing your review on The Fireman.

    1. Yeah, everywhere I look people seem to be having a difficult concentrating. I'm almost done with The Fireman but I think it's going to be one of my short reviews. Everyone else has already talked it to death and I am feeling uninspired :( That's what I get for waiting so long to read it, I guess.

  5. I cannot concentrate these days, either. I need a break I think.

    1. I'm sorry Serena. It seems to be going around :(


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