Reads of Many Moons Past (2)

I thought it might be fun to start looking back in time and seeing what I was reading this time last year and all of the previous years since I started cataloging my reads! I sometimes see people doing this on social media and it's a fun reminder that older reads need loving too. If you're a nerd like me and want to do this please leave me a link to your post. I'd love to see it!

November 2018 Week 2

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"Who needs a little demon in their life? Or body?!

The unabridged audio contains two excellent connected stories of demonic possession. One is a novella that sets the scene for the novel to follow. You’ll want to read/listen to them back to back because they’re both horrifyingly hard to put down."

4 ★'s

November 2017


"A rich guy offers to pay a group of people to stay a few nights in a haunted house to prove there is life after death. All previous attempts to do such a stupid thing at this particular house have ended very badly for the suckers brave or stupid or hard-up enough to have a sleep-over. It’s no different this time around.

This story is much more sexually horrifying. Some of the things that happen within these pages are upsetting. Trust me on this. The house was basically turned into a pit of debauchery and hellish events when its original owner cuts loose with a group of hangers-on who dip into orgies, drugs, murder, cannibalism (as you will, I guess) and every other nasty thing your brain can imagine! The house is tainted and incredibly haunted by a horny ghost who eventually infects the woman folk and does shocking pervy things."

3 ★'s

November 2016


"Seeing Evil is a book about the evil human beings inflict on one another. It’s more thriller than horror but has a few disturbing scenes that fall more into the horror realm.

While the story was great, it took me too long to warm up to the female narrator. I suggest reading the paper version."

4 ★'s

November 2015


"If you’re looking to take a peek into the darker corners of humanity this is your story."

4 ★'s

November 2014


Wow, it's been five years since I read this? I hope I like the film as much as I liked the book.  

"Doctor Sleep is eerie and suspenseful, with strong characterization and shocking moments of sadness and death but I didn’t find it flat out terrifying as I did The Shining. I did enjoy seeing what became of little Danny Torrance and I felt for him and his plight with Abra (abracadabra – sorry but that’s all I could hear in my head whenever someone said the poor child’s name). It was a terrific sequel that didn’t let me down and definitely worth a listen on audio."

4 1/2 ★'s

November 2013


"Oops this was misfire. They can't all be 3's, right?!

Many of my book friends warned me but I read it anyway. Unabridged on audio. In my car. Where there is no escape. I really enjoyed Never Seduce a Scot by this author and was holding out hope that everyone else was wrong. Deep down I sometimes like me an anti-hero. And like the sheeple I am I believed the reviews that said he gave good grovel at the end. I think I must’ve completely tuned out and missed that bit because I didn’t hear much groveling going on. Where was the pain? Where was the suffering? Where was the kick to the nuts? I wish I had DNF’d this because I didn’t enjoy any of it. By the end, I felt nothing at all besides a little lingering rage."

2 ★'s

November 2012


"Feed is not sexy, romantic or even a typical zombie book but it tore me up and made me feel a myriad of emotions when most books leave me cold. Yeah, it was complicated and over-long but I’ll be reading the sequel because somewhere along the way I grew to truly care about these characters."
4 ★'s

November 2011

 Lure of the Mummy

"This is a short novella and I’m thankful for that because honestly I don’t think I could have stomached much more of Bert’s jealous, venomous thoughts. He was just a thoroughly unpleasant fellow to follow around. I was not surprised he  "

Guess I didn't like Bert very much!

3 ★'s

November 2010


"I like weird and thought this book about a werewolf apocalypse featuring some m/m loving was written especially for me. All of those things appeal to me separately but when mashed together? Not so much."

2 1/2 ★'s

I spy a few books I probably should've DNFd but the majority were decent.  Please share your thoughts if you've read any of them! You can click on any cover to find out more about each book at Goodreads, if they catch your eye.

Did you like this trip down memory lane? If so, I might do it again. If not, I might do it anyway because it makes me happy spotlighting the oldies, lol.


  1. Jason Parent and Jonathan Janz are authors I still have to try. I was pretty disappointed with Feed and DNFed it. I'm sure I read Hell House many years ago but don't remember anything about it!

    1. They are both excellent writers, Chuckles. Ugh, Hell House. Why did I finish that one? I wasn't too crazy about the second Feed book and haven't finished the series.

  2. It's cool that you were reading Doctor Sleep. I think that book sometimes gets a bad rap but personally I really liked it. I STILL don't think The Shining needed a sequel, but since it got one, I'm glad I enjoyed it. I've read Hell House a long time ago - before I started rating and reviewing, but I'd be surprised if it would get 2/5 from me. I just didn't like it.

    1. I remember the reviews weren't so good on Doctor Sleep but I took a chance on audio and I wasn't sorry. This sometimes bites me in the butt, as you know :) But it worked out this time. I was hesitant about the film too but I hear it's great.

  3. i see some familiar authors and this does look like fun. i did a blog ahead challenge in october to have post through the end of the year. i'm going to make a note on my calendar because this would be a fun post.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. That is amazing, Sherry! I'm trying to get in the habit of schedule a few posts to stay on track.

  4. I haven't read any of those but a couple of them sound pretty good.

  5. Older reads do need loving, too! And it's always fun to see what you were reading back in the day. Plus, it brings back good memories of great books. :)

    1. It has been fun revisiting these. I'd forgotten about a few.

  6. I was JUST telling my husband that I need to reread Doctor Sleep!

  7. I read Rush and Feed and would love to have the balls to read Doctor Sleep. Lol. Some of these are truly terrifying.

    1. Heehee, I was desensitized at a very early age but sometimes I do have nightmares!


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