Review: Goddess of Filth by V. Castro

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Goddess of Filth by V. Castro

Published March 2021

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“Five of us sat in a circle doing our best to emulate the girls in The Craft, hoping to unleash some power to take us all away from our home to the place of our dreams. But we weren’t witches. We were five Chicanas living in San Antonio, Texas, one year out of high school.”

One hot summer night, best friends Lourdes, Fernanda, Ana, Perla, and Pauline hold a séance. It’s all fun and games at first, but their tipsy laughter turns to terror when the flames burn straight through their prayer candles and Fernanda starts crawling toward her friends and chanting in Nahuatl, the language of their Aztec ancestors.

Over the next few weeks, shy, modest Fernanda starts acting strangely—smearing herself in black makeup, shredding her hands on rose thorns, sucking sin out of the mouths of the guilty. The local priest is convinced it's a demon, but Lourdes begins to suspect it’s something else—something far more ancient and powerful.

As Father Moreno's obsession with Fernanda grows, Lourdes enlists the help of her “bruja Craft crew” and a professor, Dr. Camacho, to understand what is happening to her friend in this unholy tale of possession-gone-right.

My 2 Cents For Free!

These Ladies of Horror Fiction are killing it with their new releases! Check it out, it's hard to put down once you start. I loved the friendship here I think as much as the horror. And trust me, there are all kinds of horrors in this story.

Goddess of Filth is a story about a group of friends who drink a little booze and perform a séance. What follows is a bloody, ugly, rage-filled and also hopeful story about expectations, perseverance and a refusal to let others determine your future all amidst an unthinkable horror inhabiting their lives. It mostly follows two of the friends as they deal with the consequences of that fateful drunken night.

It's one you shouldn't miss and that's all I'm saying. 



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