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Recent Reads & Listens 

Hello! I'm reviving this little feature too. Here's what I've been reading this week.

I'm nearly finished with both and they're very different from each other and both are very much recommended so far! I'm listening to The Honeys and the narration is excellent.

Link Ups

In an effort to actually be social again in the book blogging world, I'm going to be linking this post up to Caffeinated Reviewer's Sunday Post, The Sunday Salon at Readerbuzz and It's Monday! What Are You Reading at Book Date.  Link yourself up and make some new blogging friends!

Additions to the TBR

I stopped buying books a while ago. Yes, it's true! I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and simply have too many books in this house that I need to read and too many home projects that need doing to justify spending $ on new ones right now. But I was fortunate to receive a few ARC's in for review. Aren't they pretty?

Recent Watches

Two gems, lemme tell ya 😄

I have useless reviews up at letterbxd if you're dying to learn more:

What's Next (maybe)

I was going to borrow this one from Libby but the wait is 12 weeks and we're reading it for the Horror Spotlight Readalong in November which is . . . happening super soon so I'm going to break down and spend one of my hoarded Audible credits because it sounds worth it.

If you'd like to join in the discussion here is an invite to the Horror Spotlight Readalong discord server:  Every reader is welcome! We read both horror and horror-adjacent works of fiction.

As for books I can hold in my hand? Who knows. I have a stack of arc's (stack above) that are late (yikes) so it may be this one:

or maybe this one?

I'll leave you with a picture of my evil cat. I was hoping I caught the demon leaving his body with this photo but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and he is still just as naughty as ever 😂

So, what have you all been up to?!


  1. Yay, social features! You could check the library for These Fleeting Shadows. We are going to start that one mid-month - maybe you'll have more luck getting that one.

    1. They have the ebook and I so want to read it but ugh this pile of physical arc's is giving me the guilts.

  2. Sarah Gailey's looks good and I loved The echo Wife.

  3. Always so many good books to buy so very disciplined to read what's on your shelves. And arcs sure stack up!

  4. You've certainly got a lot of great books waiting for you!

  5. So glad you are joining us at Sunday Salon and the other great meetups for bloggers!

    1. I'm so happy to be back in the blogging world. It's such a kind place.

  6. Oh that kitty must be related to my Marilyn! Marilyn is white with a black head and tail.

    1. I hope your Marilyn isn't as naughty as my Patrick!!


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