Review: Beguiled by Darynda Jones

Unfortunately, this third book was not for me but you can't love 'em all, right?

Beguiled by Darynda Jones

Released February 2021

Source: Library Borrow

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Newly indoctrinated witch, Defiance Dayne discovers there’s more to life after forty than she'd ever imagined possible. Especially if one is a charmling, one of only three in the world, with enough magics to make her a target for every power-hungry warlock out there. When one of them sends a hunter to town, she knows it’s time to take her talents seriously before the hunter takes her life.

She decides she has three things to do before she can die. Find out who killed her beloved grandmother, teach her BFF the finer points of spellcasting before she blows up the world, and figure out how serious her relationship with the Adonis living in her basement really is. If it’s heading in the direction she’s hoping for, she can die happy. Though, admittedly, she’d rather not. Die. Happy or otherwise.

None of that will matter, however, if she can’t figure out how to foil the supernatural assassin who’s been sent for her. Until then, it’s business—and hopefully romance—as usual. Now if she can only figure out how to tame a lacuna wolf.

My 2 Cents for Free!

This was probably my least favorite of the trilogy (which has another book told by another character so not really a trilogy, I guess). I listened to the audiobook, and though the narrator is excellent, this might be a book better suited to reading in paper because it is pure chaos from top to bottom and it was too much to track. There were a million little threads the writer tried to tie up and it was too distracting for me. Everything felt short-changed, including the potential for an excellent setting. I often forgot they were in Salem, Ma until a mention of the Gulu Gulu cafe was made - I guess what I'm trying to say is that the atmosphere was simply not there which is a real shame. Sometimes it did make me laugh but other times I got this:

“I caved like a spelunker.”

I mean, I was trying here but this book was often not doing its part 😩

And the track the romance took was UGH. Not for me. Emotional coercion is a no go.

Anyhow, this book gets rave reviews and some folks give the author a lot of grace because she has written a beloved series but I base my reviews book by book and this one didn't work out for me. You might love it though if you like constant action and chaos!



  1. Aw that's a bummer when the end fizzles.

  2. Aww too bad :( I'm one of the ones who loved this book but I can totally understand feeling like it was chaos. I think I live in chaos so that may explain it working for me lol

    1. haha, me too! Listening to it on audio to escape the chaos was too much for me. My brain said "NOOOOOO more, please!"


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