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Review: The Thirteen Black Cats of Edith Penn by Sean McDonough

I loved this book! Are these kitties evil or misunderstood? You be the judge. The Thirteen Black Cats of Edith Penn by Sean McDonough Released December 2021 Dark Fiction   |   Goodreads   |   Amazon   |  Bookshop What potion can restore a young girl's invalid mother to full health? What spell would give a bullied teenager the power to strike back against her tormentors? Edith Penn knew. If you believed the stories whispered around town, there wasn't anything that the old witch couldn't do for the right price. But that's all over now. Edith Penn is dead. Buried. Forgotten. ...But something is alive in the small town of New Birmingham. Something that only grows stronger every day. The dying here has only just begun, and nobody can say when it's going to end. Nobody except for the thirteen black cats of Edith Penn. Come back under the spell as Sean McDonough returns with a new novel of witchcraft and terror! My 2 Cents For Free! Do you like c

2022 TBR Stacks

Hi everyone! It's finally time to say good riddance to 2021! I had a terrific year of reading but really that's about all of the good I can say about it. I'm not doing a Top 10 or anything like that this year because I am worn out. I did do a silly tweet thread if you want to see some favorites: I'm not going to make any resolutions this year because life is too complicated and I always end up feeling like a failure when I don't keep any of them.  I'm looking forward to reading some of these and maybe a few from my tbr piles that have been waiting for years 😮 The only thing I hope to do is keep up a steady pace of reading, continue my work with Ladies of Horror Fiction and post to this blog more regularly - something I seem to consistently fail to do.  Stay safe, keep blogging and let me know if you've read any in this pile of mine 👇