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Frost Bite by Angela Sylvaine | Horror Fiction Review

Need a fun action-packed horror novel in your life? Here's one for ya: Frost Bite by Angela Sylvaine Released October 2023 Source: Received for Review Consideration Goodreads  | Amazon Remember the '90s? Well...the town of Demise, North Dakota doesn't, and they're living in the year 1997. That's because an alien worm hitched a ride on a comet, crash landed in the town's trailer park, and is now infecting animals with a memory-loss-inducing bite--and right before Christmas! Now it's up to nineteen-year-old Realene and her best friend Nate to stop the spread and defeat the worms before the entire town loses its mind. The only things standing in the way are their troubled pasts, a doomsday cult, and an army of infected prairie dogs. My 2 Cents for Free! Frost Bite is a wild action-packed tale set in the 90’s that gets gruesome but doesn’t forget to create memorable characters too. It would make a fun B movie for sure and I hope we see it someday. Maybe with a d

Mini Review Dump #7: The 3 and below version

  Recent Mini Reviews Let's face it, most of my reviews lately are what most people consider "mini" anyhow. Most of the time I'd rather be reading than writing an essay deconstructing every part of a book, so it is what it is. Here are the quick takes and the thoughtless thoughts about the recent(ish) books I've read. This week it's a mix-up of genres. Nothing rated higher than a three but sometimes that happens. When She's Shy  by  Ruby Dixon ⭐⭐⭐ I haven't read anything in the Risdaverse (unless those blue alien books are Risdaverse books? If so, I'm a dummy because I have read a few of them) but this stands all on its own pretty well and now I want to read more so I guess it did its job. I didn't have any pesky questions besides is "Risadaverse" set on Not Hoth? It's short (less than 50 pgs, I think) and the romance is super rushed because, well, it's less than 50 pages but it's a sweet and quick read. No real character