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It's Friday Reads Time! What are you all up to?

#Fridayreads is here! This week has been crap for reading time but I hope to make up for that this weekend. #AmReading PROVIDENCE by @CarolineKepnes , starting THE SEA WAS A FAIR MASTER BY @CalvinDemmer & listening to THE HORROR SHOW @thehorrorshowBK . Happy reading/listening! — barksbknonsense (@barksbknonsense) June 29, 2018 This has an been absolutely dreadful week when it came to sneaking in any reading time. Work stress is killing me and I haven't been able to concentrate or get very much sleep but I'm leaving all of that crap behind soon and reading to my hearts content. It's going to be 100 this weekend so I plan to camp out in front of a fan and only move when I'm forced to! Talk to me at Twitter and/or Instagram as I'm also leaving the laptop closed :)

The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

If you enjoy reading about horrible people, you're going to like this one! The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances Bad People Doing Bad Things Fiction   Released May 2018, 464 pages Amazon  ♦  Goodreads The addictive Number One bestselling thriller, perfect for fans of Into the Water. A girl. A boy. His mother. And the lie she'll wish she'd never told. The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances is a gripping and chilling debut psychological thriller, based on the fall-out following an unforgiveable lie. It looks at the potentially charged relationship between girlfriend, boyfriend and his mother, which most women can identify with, and locates it in an extreme but believable setting. Laura has it all. A successful career, a long marriage to a rich husband, and a twenty-three year-old son, Daniel, who is kind, handsome, and talented. Then Daniel meets Cherry. Cherry is young, beautiful and smart but she hasn't had the same opportunities as Daniel. And she wants Laura

Servant of the Undead by Isabelle Drake

Zombies Need A Little Love Too . . . Servant of the Undead by Isabelle Drake Erotic Horror Fiction   Released May 2018 Amazon  ♦  Goodreads Having sex with an ice-covered, smudgy-eyed woman in tattered fishnets and a barely-there mini-skirt is Hayden Thomas’ first mistake. His second: thinking he’s in control of what happens next.  The city of Boston is held hostage by a snow storm and rumors are spreading about zombies roaming the streets, looking for human flesh. Hayden Thomas, tabloid newspaper writer, is out to get something fresh about zombies for his editor. At the Boston Public Library, Hayden uncovers some old research that suggests that some zombie tribes survive by having constant sex instead of eating human flesh.  Mattie, a zombie out looking for information on a rival tribe, finds Hayden and uses him for sex. After using him, she discovers his research. She wants to find out how to reverse herself and become one of the living again, so she decides to keep Ha

Hottest Horror Books of the Summer

So there was a thing on Goodreads that made me feel a little excluded. This thing was hard to avoid seeing because they placed a big, ugly banner atop the website that was hard to miss. This thing was a link to their list of the Hottest Books of Summer . This list was lukewarm for me, at best, because it excluded many genres and seemed a wee bit uninspired. I put out a snarky little tweet on Twitter to voice my frustration and Toni the Reader agreed that we should create our own epic list of books that showcased our horror love so here we are! The Hottest Books of Summer?! Says who? There is no horror! 👿 Not a single one. 💔 Horror Peeps should we create one? via @goodreads — barksbknonsense (@barksbknonsense) June 22, 2018 Well. the horror people came through! A giant thanks go out to the best read horror readers in the Twitterverse for making it possible to create this list that will enable us to spend all of our money and have a summer filled