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Review: Roser Park by Wendy Dalrymple

Happy Halloween, everyone! Here, have yourself a fun, spooky read to celebrate! Roser Park by Wendy Dalrymple Released October 2022 Source: Received for Review Consideration  Dark Fiction   |   Goodreads   | Bookshop Charlotte Slater is freshly divorced and starting over again in her hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. When a dog sitting job in the nearby upscale neighborhood of Roser Park falls in her lap, Charlotte jumps at the chance to make some easy money and enjoy a little peace and quiet. But as usual, when things seem to be too good to be true, they often are. While the job seems fine on the surface, from the moment Charlotte crosses the threshold at 684 Roser Park Drive, she can’t shake the feeling of being watched. The homeowner’s nearest neighbor, Adam, always seems to be lurking just around the corner, and soon, Charlotte can’t get the handsome, mysterious landscaper out of her thoughts to the point of near obsession. As each day passes, Charlotte becomes more uneasy in the big

Books, Movies, TV & Updates • October 29, 2022

Waving Skeleton Sticker from Waving Stickers Recent Reads & Listens  Hello! I'm reviving this little feature too. Here's what I've been reading this week. I'm nearly finished with both and they're very different from each other and both are very much recommended so far! I'm listening to The Honeys and the narration is excellent. Link Ups In an effort to actually be social again in the book blogging world, I'm going to be linking this post up to  Caffeinated Reviewer's Sunday Post , The Sunday Salon at Readerbuzz and It's Monday! What Are You Reading at Book Date .  Link yourself up and make some new blogging friends! Additions to the TBR I stopped buying books a while ago. Yes, it's true! I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and simply have too many books in this house that I need to read and too many home projects that need doing to justify spending $ on new ones right now. But I was fortunate to receive a few ARC's in for review. Aren&#

Review: Marionette by Antonia Rachel Ward

This cover is so beautiful! Marionette by Antonia Rachel Ward Released August 2022 Source: Received for Review Consideration from Netgalley Dark Fiction   |   Goodreads   | Bookshop On the run from a life of prostitution and poverty, exotic dancer Cece Dulac agrees to become the main attraction at an erotic séance hosted by an enigmatic mesmerist, Monsieur Rossignol. As the séance descends into depravity, Cece falls prey to Rossignol’s hypnotic power and becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit. George Dashwood, an aspiring artist, witnesses the séance and fears for Cece. He seeks her out and she seduces him, but she is no longer herself. The spirit controlling her forces her to commit increasingly depraved acts. When the spirit’s desire for revenge escalates to murder, George and Cece must find a way to break Rossignol’s spell before Cece’s soul is condemned forever. Marionette is an erotic horror novella inspired by traditional folk tales and set in fin de siècle Paris. My 2 Cents fo

The Oh-So-Sad DNF Collection: Take 6

It's been a while since I've done one of these or had the energy to post something on my blog other than a random review but I'm hoping to change that once and for all. I was spending too much time in other areas that were bringing me a bit of stress and I need a long breather. So anyhow, here's a post that everyone loves to see (lol and yikes).  However, I've always reviewed what I consider the good, the meh and the not-so-great and I'm not going to change because people on social media whine about it every hour. I don't think it's "negative" to dislike or quit a book and talk about the reason(s). We can't all love the same things and someone* might read my words and say "Hey, I love that thing you hate. Thanks for the recommendation!" So yeah, hello, I think I'm back. Have you missed me? haha Ooops, nope. That's not what this post is about because I am a jerk. It's your last chance to turn back.

Review: Blood Mountain by Brenda S. Tolian

This cover does not tell any lies! Blood Mountain by Brenda S. Tolian Released June 2022 Source: Received for Review Consideration Dark Fiction   |   Goodreads   | Bookshop In this mosaic of Southwestern Gothic Horror, a primordial goddess awakens deep within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The mountain hungers for revenge as invaders leave her emaciated with their greed and brutality. She cries out for blood, infusing the minds of those who do not belong—twisting them outwardly into the dark forms of their true intentions. An Under Sheriff struggles to grasp brittle threads of hope within the valley and mountains, his soul tormented by the unanswered questions of crimes he can’t explain and the dead and missing he could not help. The demented Red Women fracture the meaning of being maiden, mother, and crone within the shadows of twisted belief systems. Men and women devolve into the grotesque, drowning in their greed and violence transmuting into creatures too hideous to name. Others

Review: The Sacrifice by Rin Chupeco

Horrid men get what's coming to them. This was a lot of fun! The Sacrifice by Rin Chupeco Released September 2022 Source: Received for Review Consideration Dark Fiction   |   Goodreads   | Bookshop An island oasis turns deadly when a terrifying legend threatens to kill off visitors one by one in this haunting novel from the highly acclaimed author of The Girl from the Well and the Bone Witch trilogy. Pristine beaches, lush greenery, and perfect weather, the island of Kisapmata would be the vacation destination...if not for the curse. The Philippine locals speak of it in hushed voices and refuse to step foot on the island. They know the lives it has claimed. They won't be next. A Hollywood film crew won't be dissuaded. Legend claims a Dreamer god sleeps, waiting to grant unimaginable powers in exchange for eight sacrifices. The producers are determined to document the evidence. And they convince Alon, a local teen, to be their guide. Within minutes of their arrival, a giant