The Oh-So-Sad DNF Collection: Take 6

It's been a while since I've done one of these or had the energy to post something on my blog other than a random review but I'm hoping to change that once and for all. I was spending too much time in other areas that were bringing me a bit of stress and I need a long breather. So anyhow, here's a post that everyone loves to see (lol and yikes).  However, I've always reviewed what I consider the good, the meh and the not-so-great and I'm not going to change because people on social media whine about it every hour. I don't think it's "negative" to dislike or quit a book and talk about the reason(s). We can't all love the same things and someone* might read my words and say "Hey, I love that thing you hate. Thanks for the recommendation!" So yeah, hello, I think I'm back. Have you missed me? haha

Ooops, nope. That's not what this post is about because I am a jerk. It's your last chance to turn back.

Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

I adored Hex by this author and went into this one knowing it was, of course, going to be a different story and I love all kinds of things but apparently I do not love books that go into excruciating detail about ice/mountain climbing. But it wasn’t just that. Even the parts of the book about coming to terms with the aftermath of a life-altering disfigurement and the relationship issues surrounding it weren’t done in such a way that I could feel much for the characters which was so disappointing to me. The story jumped around so much and was bogged down with too much inconsequential stuff that it was hard for me to connect with any of it. And I tried. And tried again. I tried for 260 pages when I really should’ve quit at 50.

Anyhow, it starts out amazingly creepy but then it switched gears and never fulfilled that initial promise of a haunting read for me (at least for the 260 pages I read). I’m not skimming to the end to find out all the secrets because my free time is precious to me. So I’ll never know what that weirdness was going on beneath the bandages and I’ll just have to live with that.

*Sidenote: I released this book via bookcrossing and a fellow local bookcrosser specifically picked it up BECAUSE I mentioned some things that didn't thrill me but these things do thrill them and I think that's awesome! I love that so much. You can read the journal entry here:

The Werewolf Meets His Match by Kristen Painter

Ugh I'm DNFing this at 25% because it's aggravating me. I'm sick of being told how great a lover this dude is, how he's an artist with his hands, blah blah blah - after the event. It's weirdly sexless and trying to be sexy and it's just not working. At all. The insta-love isn't helping, nor is the secret keeping or the corny thoughts of the heroine. I liked book 1 well enough but this is like a carbon copy with werewolves instead of a vampire. I guess I don't have patience this week. Maybe I'll come back to it, maybe I won't. For now I'm not going to rate it because I am a quitter.

Jawbone by Monica Ojeda

I read 50 pages of Jawbone for the Horror Spotlight read-along and I am putting it down for now. I may pick it up again at some point but right now I don't have the energy to force a book upon myself and that's what I was doing. The paragraphs are very long, rambling, and confusing. There may be an amazing story somewhere in here, but I simply don't have the strength this month to work so hard to find it.

No rating because I only read 50 pages. I'm trying to be kinder to myself and stopping at this mark. Nothing against the book. It's a self-care thing.

Sorry, I suck. I know. 

That's it for me. I hope all of your books are five star reads!


  1. You don't suck! You have every right to hate a book and tell why. I haven't been reading too many 5 star reads lately either; and several of the books I started this month I ended up DNF-ing. Let's hope there are better books for both of us in the weeks to come. :D

  2. Bummer about Echo. I feel like 260 pages is pretty generous, you gave it a chance for sure! Sometimes they just don't get better or it's too much to continue.

    Werewolf lol- yeah that one sounds iffy too. :)

    1. Yep, I need to trust my instincts and let it go at 50 or so.

  3. If I don't like a book and dnf it, I don't even write a review. lol There have been a few books that were so so and I kept reading only to have them end on a cliffhanger and make me mad enough to write a review. I hate when that happens. But we aren't going to love all the books we read. It happens.

  4. I think this is such a great format for DNF reviews. I may try doing the same. And same for me for Jawbone. That book was a lot of work.

    1. I wish more people would post their DNF's. I love seeing what people love but also what doesn't appeal for whatever reason.


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