Frost Bite by Angela Sylvaine | Horror Fiction Review

Need a fun action-packed horror novel in your life? Here's one for ya:

Frost Bite by Angela Sylvaine

Released October 2023

Source: Received for Review Consideration

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Remember the '90s? Well...the town of Demise, North Dakota doesn't, and they're living in the year 1997. That's because an alien worm hitched a ride on a comet, crash landed in the town's trailer park, and is now infecting animals with a memory-loss-inducing bite--and right before Christmas! Now it's up to nineteen-year-old Realene and her best friend Nate to stop the spread and defeat the worms before the entire town loses its mind. The only things standing in the way are their troubled pasts, a doomsday cult, and an army of infected prairie dogs.

My 2 Cents for Free!

Frost Bite is a wild action-packed tale set in the 90’s that gets gruesome but doesn’t forget to create memorable characters too. It would make a fun B movie for sure and I hope we see it someday. Maybe with a double feature of Bee Tornado!

Anyhow, Realene has had to forgo her pre-med scholarship in order to return home to care for her mom who is suffering from Alzheimer's She’s bored and lamenting about the state of her life when a meteor hits. Alas, finally some excitement in her small, freezing town! But things quickly take a turn for the weird when prairie dogs pop up out of their holes out of season and start getting bitey with the neighbors which then escalates into more strangeness which I won’t spoil.

This story was a bit more brutal and heavier than I anticipated with such a premise and I loved that. It was a very nice surprise. The outlandish bits were well balanced with moments of real-life horror (be warned there are some rather painful scenes of (view spoiler)). I thought the dementia care was handled with grace and kindness and there’s a cast of colorful characters you’re going to love and plenty you will absolutely despise.

The action is pretty much non-stop once things get going. Everyone is in constant danger and at one point I feared the cat would be the last breathing creature standing, lol. It’s that intense and the stakes really are that high.

It’s a fun but not all fun read with plenty of moments of icky horror and silly humor.

Beware there is a LOT of animal death here! Also people death too but you're reading horror so that goes without saying.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

  2. Sometimes this kind of horror story is just what I want to read.


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