Review: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Personal Demons
4 of 5 stars
Closed my eyes and randomly grabbed this one out of the tbr bookshelf because that's how I'm doing things this year.

Oh look, the previous owner was kind enough to leave some of their HAIR in it.

Ugh. When I am independently wealthy I am buying all of my books brand new. People are so gross.

Megan is a counselor who recently agreed to host a radio show that promises to “slay personal demons”. Unfortunately, Megan lives in a world where real demons exist and now they think she’s after them. Yikes!

This seriously complicates her life and brings all sorts of new people and demons into it. Problem is, even though she’s psychic, she can’t read demons and discern the helpful ones from the harmful ones. Greyson Dante claims to be the helpful sort but he’s a demon, and how far can one really trust a demon? Especially a gorgeous demon . . .

This book is pretty light and fluffy and fun. There’s nothing too dramatic, gory or heart-wrenching going on. It’s a little sexy, a little snarky and a good choice if you’re looking for a book that won’t rip out your heart. I’ve heard this author is known for edgy characters but this one reminded me more of a fun tv episode and sort of has the light-hearted IZombie (minus the zombie) vibe going for it. I know I won’t remember it come next week but it was fun while it lasted.

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