Review: Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand

Wolf Hunt
4 of 5 stars
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Two wise cracking lower level thugs take on the job of transporting a so-called werewolf named Ivan to a wealthy weirdo who wants him for nefarious purposes. The two figure it’ll be easy money. There’s no such thing as a real werewolf, right?

Things go awry, as they will. This is a novel written by Jeff Strand after all. Blood is shed and sarcasm is spewed hither and fro (along with a few body parts) as our tenacious thugs make one dumb move after another. It’s funny, they reminded me a little of those loveable nitwits from Home Alone at points, but it’s also brutal. This is a black comedy and I’m still not over an early scene involving dogs and probably never will be.

But that’s my problem.

Anyway, despite my sadness about a particular scene, the writing and the spectacular narration had an insidious power over me and I kept going, even when it took me to places I didn’t particularly want to visit. The story was nuts and the narration one of the best I’ve listened to in a good long while. He gave each character their own distinctive voice, didn’t go all fake falsetto on the women characters and really brought the scenes to life. Even when the story dragged here and there, I never found myself dozing and I credit that to the narrator.

I’d give the story a three and the narration a five. Guess I’ll have to settle for a four.

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