TTT: Top 9 Things On My Reading Wishlist

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the BookishThe prompt:Top Ten Nine Things On Our Reading Wishlist. These are the things I most want when I'm book browsing but I rarely find them. Please keep in mind, I'm a little strange.

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Books Set in Hell

Because it just fascinates me!


Dog & Cat Characters (not just props!)

Give them a POV. They have lots to say! Some of it much more important than the words coming from most humans!

Broke Characters

I am so sick of billionaires and successful people. I want to read about some struggle! Give me more every day characters like Hap & Leonard and make them funny while you're at it. Not everyone grows up to be rich and famous!

Monsterporn (that's well written)

Yes, I know I ask for the impossible but I want it. I will pay good money for it! Somebody PLEASE write it or I may have to break down and do it myself!

Give Me Nightmares!


A thriller won't do. I want something that makes me get up and make sure all of my windows are closed and the doors are locked and the big crazy dog is right by my side. These two books here gave me nightmares for weeks. I want more of them!

Unconventional and/or Nutzo Characters

Geek Love13526165

Normal is so over done.

Monsters With a Sense of Humor

There's nothing better than a snarky, scary monster, right?  So where are they?!

80's Style Scary Covers

Come on, they just don't make 'em like this anymore. I truly miss those step-backs. This one mesmerized me for hours when I was a kid.

zebra horror books | Popular Zebra Horror Novels Books LOVED THIS BOOK!!: 80's paperback horror novels had the best covers.: The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum (1989) | 18 Horror Novels Every True Fan Should Read Before Watching The Movie Version: Playmates - Andrew Neiderman:

And speaking of covers . . . 

I know I am totally un-PC but I am sick and tired of pretty dresses and headless dudes on romance novels. Bring back all the step-backs, the flowing locks, the clean-shaven faces and The Topaz Man! I really miss him.

Image result for the topaz man coverImage result for the topaz man coverImage result for the topaz man cover
Image result for best clinch coverImage result for best fabio coverImage result for best fabio cover

The covers nowadays are so blah and un-fun. When do you ever see a cougar just photobombing a new release from a big publisher?

Well, there's my wishlist. What's yours look like?


  1. So there's so much here I agree with. You are right, books set in hell are interesting and there just aren't enough of them. Also, yay for dog and cat POVs - they are better than a lot of humans. I hate reading about perfect characters time after time, so give me flawed and broken ones. I forgot to add snark on mine but I would definitely like to see more snarky characters - they rock! AWESOME LIST!

  2. I would love to see more talking/communicating animals in the UF and other genres. Oberon is so brilliant...we need more like him or who can talk aloud!

  3. Dog and cat characters and unconventional /nutzo characters are ones I can definitely get behind!!! Great list!

  4. Very interesting list. Please, just write that monsterporn! I am dying to see how it turns out.

  5. Ooh dog and cat character POV's would be interesting! And not just in MG. Like an intelligently done adult or YA books. Also yes why is everyone a billionaire lol? Granted I don't read those but I see lots of blurbs about billionaire guys who have lots of time on their hands lol. Unconventional characters too.

    Love those 80's covers...

  6. LOVE pet characters. Have you tried DD Ayres? They're romantic suspense/contemporaries but each book focuses on a hero and his working dog and the dogs are amazing. So you get fire rescue dogs, police dogs, an arson dog. It's really cool seeing all of their jobs.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Anna! I haven't read DD Ayres yet.

  7. Yes, I love books set in Hell! And ok, the dog isn't a POV character, but he does kind of talk maybe (you're never really sure if it's real or the MC is imagining it), but Withered + Sere by TJ Klune has a dog character. Don't know if that's your type of book or not, but you could give it a look if you want :-) And yes, I really want more broke characters now that you mention it! Like, where are all these urban fantasy characters getting their money when they don't seem to even have jobs half the time???

    Btw, the Sparrow Man books meet one of these requirements on your list :-)

  8. I still have all of my old VC Andrews books from high school with the step back window. I loved them! I am ready for some poor characters. That's real. Billionaires everywhere is not. At least in my world, it's not real.

  9. That's a very original and unusual list and I totally agree with all of that!

    For What It's Worth

  10. Hahahah! Love the heaving bosoms and flowing locks covers. :D


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