Taking A Little Blogging Break

Hey, everyone. I have fallen incredibly behind due to work, life, laziness . . . In an attempt to prevent burnout, I am planning to take a week off from blogging to refresh, actually get some books read, and catch up with my comments and resume visiting all of your lovely blogs. Talk to you soon!


  1. Enjoy your sloth time! *grins*

  2. Laze, indulge, and enjoy yourself!

  3. I did that last week and it really helped. I plan on doing it again in August.

    See you soon!

    For What It's Worth

  4. Hope you're having a nice break. :)

  5. Eee! Hope you're having a nice break and are feeling very refreshed when you get back. Love the herd baby pic :)

  6. Thanks book friends! I read NOTHING and I feel good :) I am ready to tackle the tbr basement.

  7. glad you took this time off! :)


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