Ladies Of Horror Fiction: Day 3, 4 & 5

Hi everyone. Here I am already falling behind in my new daily posting ritual. So surprising, haha.

I'm combining days 3, 4 and 5 in this post so you can see what I'm showcasing in case you're not on Twitter or Instagram and want a peek. You can look up the #LadiesOfHorrorFiction hashtag at either place to find everyone's posts and grab some recommendations. 

Click on any picture to visit the book at Goodreads.

Day 3: Jewelry

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry because I have a bad habit of spending my money on books and bookish things instead. I m sure some of you can relate. If you look closely you can spy some rings on her fingers . . .

I bought this book sooo long ago and didn’t realize it was book #4 of the Sonja Blue series. I read book #1 a million years ago and remember nothing. Have you read this series? And, if so, do I need to go back and read books 1-3 to make sense of this one? Please tell me no! Blech. This is why I dislike series!! What are your thoughts on them?

Day 4: Grave

I plucked another book from my long suffering #tbrpile for this one. I have so many books I’ve yet to read and it makes me feel a little guilty when I see them all patiently waiting for their turn as I read another brand new ARC instead. Such cruelty! Do you ever feel the guilt when looking at your TBR piles? This is a book about gypsies and curses and it’s another that has mixed reviews so that means I cannot wait to give it a go!

Day 5: Favorite Color

What’s your favorite color? I love dirty pinks and went with the dusky pinks in this cover. I just love the contrast of the dirty pretty against the glare of that knife.  This is another from the frightfully large tbrpile that I need to read soon. It’s about a descent into into madness. Have you read this author? None of my GR friends have reviewed it so I’m very curious.

We now have 335 posts for our tag!! So many recommendations!

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Join us if you can, when you can, and be sure to use the #LadiesofHorrorFiction tag so I can spy on  you and find more books to buy :)  If you want to do a post on your blog as well/instead just leave me a note with the link in the comments so I can promote your post.


  1. We need to talk about Kevin. What a creepy title. I love it! Been following your list on Twitter:)

  2. I am pretty sure that I have We Need To Talk About Kevin on my Kindle. I love your photos and all of these covers are great.

  3. A Dozen Black Roses looks awesome. Love the title, the cover... I'll have to look into that series!

  4. I feel guilty all the time when I think about the books waiting on the tbr! I want to read everything next! I'd love to be following the posts on Twitter but most days I end up too busy to even get to Twitter!

  5. I always feel guilty about books - too many on the shelf, too many arcs, too many library books - just pick one :)

  6. My unread books always make me feel a bit guilty, too. But at least I'm giving them a good home while they wait. ;D The cover of Grave Intent is awesome. Makes me want to give it a try.

  7. I printed out the challenge and think I might have a few books I can join in with.

    I'm loving your pictures!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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