LOHF Day 2: Haunted

Hi everyone. Can you believe I am posting three days in a row? I can hardly believe it myself. Maybe next I'll even write the three reviews that are looming over my head!

It's day #2 of our Ladies of Horror Fiction challenge and I hope you can join us to showcase horror fiction written by the ladies. Today's prompt is "Haunted". If you're looking to add to your haunted horror pile you'll want to see the rest of the posts by using the #LadiesOfHorrorFiction hashtag at Twitter & Instagram.

Here's my picture of the day:

My picture for haunting features The Harrowing by Alexandra Sokoloff. I haven't read it but I peeked over at Goodreads and noticed my friends have given it 1, 3, 4 & 5 stars. Maybe I’m strange but I love it when a book’s ratings are all over the place! Do you? It makes me wonder where I’ll fall on the scale. All fives and all ones make me so nervous. But the ones with ratings all over the place? They intrigue me. Have you read this one? If so, where does your rating fall?

“Baird College's Mendenhall echoes with the footsteps of the last home-bound students heading off for Thanksgiving break, and Robin Stone swears she can feel the creepy, hundred-year-old residence hall breathe a sigh of relief for its long-awaited solitude. Or perhaps it's only gathering itself for the coming weekend.”

We now have 120 posts for our tag!! I am so excited and will soon be very, very broke. 

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Join us if you can, when you can, and be sure to use the #LadiesofHorrorFiction tag so I can spy on  you and find more books to buy :)  If you want to do a post on your blog as well/instead just leave me a note with the link in the comments so I can promote your post.


  1. It is interesting when the ratings are so varied for a book. I'm very suspicious of books that only have five star reviews. I always wonder if they're fake or friend reviews.

  2. Oh man, I want it!!!! I read her Huntress Moon series and LOVED IT! I am sure I would love this too and I look forward to hearing what you think.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. Ha this is awesome. And yeah I sometimes like to see varied reviews too- I mean if EVERYONE loves it there's gotta be something wrong, right? lol

  4. Well, my bank account is going to be taking a hit too once this month is over - and I'm only observing all the posts! I totally get where you're coming at with the ratings. I like to look at ratings, but it rarely sways me on reading a book. Everyone has their own preferences and opinions. I put more stock in things when fellow bloggers share their opinions. It's easier for me to decide if I might like something or not.

  5. This book and the title and everything sound very familiar but I haven't marked it as being read on Goodreads so I'm not sure if I've read it or not.

  6. I've read The Harrowing (and a few other books by Sokoloff 'cause I'm always looking for that perfect ghost story). This one isn't perfect, but I'd give it 3.5 stars. :)

  7. Sure sounds like your having fun.

  8. Another book I'm wanting. This feature is going to kill my book budget. LOL Having fun following along on Twitter too.

  9. I have read a mystery by Sokoloff and really enjoyed it. I would bet that this would be one that I would like.


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