Hanging Around the Blogs: News and Reviews You May Have Missed (9)

I love Chuckles Book Cave's feature "Around the Blogs with Chuckles" so much that I'm going to do one too. There are never enough hours in the day to be a creeper on all the blogs and social media outlets so here's a recap of some great posts, articles and news tidbits you may have missed while you were out living your life.

As you can see, I didn't get around too much this past week, boo!

Ladies of Horror Fiction Readathon

The Ladies of Horror Fiction are going to be super busy in February! Along with the Instagram/Twitter Challenge and the Community Wide Readalong of The Between (find out details in the sidebar) they are also a hosting readathon with BookTube's HeyLittleThrifter in February. Find out all the details here:  Ladies Of Horror Fiction. I hope you'll join us for some of these fun events!

Carole's Random Life In Books

Carole reviews the apocalyptic Omega Days by John L. Campbell.  Read her review here:  https://carolesrandomlife.blogspot.com

Horror After Dark

Kimberly reviews the fabulous THE RUST MAIDENS by Gwendolyne Kiste. I gave it five stars and love that everyone is loving it! 
Read her review here:  http://www.horrorafterdark.com

Sci-fi & Scary

Tracy reviews That Which Grows Wild by Eric J. Guignard a collection of dark little tales. Read her review here:  https://www.scifiandscary.com

Lark Writes

Lark offers up more of her lovely haiku reviews. Ahhh, if I only could learn to be so brief and succinct! Read them here:  http://larkwrites.blogspot.com

Char's Horror Corner

Char reviews THE FISHERMAN by John Langan, a book I keep meaning to pick up. Now I absolutely have to get myself a copy. Read Char's five star review here:  http://charlene.booklikes.com

Reading Through the Furlough

Sarah Wendell at Smart Bitches Trashy Books pens an article about the distracting powers of books. You can read it here:  https://www.washingtonpost.com


  1. Omega Days is one of the many zombie series that I need to catch up with. Good choice for 'O' for the Alphabet Soup challenge!

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliment! :)

  3. I did manage to catch most of these. Thanks for sharing again:)

  4. That cat gets me every time. I caught most of them too. Thanks for sharing.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I'll have to take a look at some new blogs.

  6. Ooh I see a few here I need to go read- especially Carole's since "apocalyptic" always gets my attention lol.


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