The Class Reunion by Sean McDonough Book Review

Here's a little slasher fun in book form!

The Class Reunion by Sean McDonough

Released October 2019

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St. Regina Academy. Some of them loved it. Vickie Fields hated it.

Tonight, she and six former classmates will sneak into the abandoned school to drink, flirt, and make new memories with old faces.

But someone is waiting for them inside of the school. He wants their blood. He wants their flesh. And he's going to ensure that this night will be a class reunion that no one ever forgets.

My 2 Cents For Free!

The Class Reunion is a slasher story about a group of former classmates who decide to meet up at their old school during a major snowstorm to drink some booze and catch up. Ummm, that’s probably not the best idea but add in a crazed killer and you have a recipe for some romancing and some slashing fun!

There’s a not too big cast here when the story begins and that’s fine by me. I don’t like keeping track of too many bodies when most of them are just going to get picked off quickly anyway, haha. Vickie is very reluctantly dragged to this impromptu reunion by her best friend Bridget who has fallen in love with one of the bullies who made their lives miserable as young-uns. The only way Vickie is getting through this is with booze and lots of it because most of these people are just as impulsive, insulting and rude as they were back when they were all schoolmates. And some of them deserved to get their faces ripped off, if you ask me.

The character development is done very well and I loved that. It’s a slasher, yeah, but the newly budding relationships are given time too and the people you love to hate are very well described. I always love it when a book takes a little time to delve into the minds and thoughts of its characters before it murders them. I’m not going to say who makes it out alive or tell you too much about the creepy oddball of a murderer who I kept imagining as a deranged Vincent Price in full out Dr. Phibes mode for some reason, just know it’s a good time if you enjoy this kind of story – and how could you not?!

4 out of 5


  1. Where did you find this little gem? I'm always looking for books where I can cheer on the demise of characters. Okay...I just realized how twisted that makes me sound!

    1. lol, you'll love this one! I found this author via Bookstagram.

  2. Slasher fun with character development! Don't often get that in the same book :-)

    Karen @ For What It's worth

  3. It's fun when some of the idiots in these slashers deserve what they get. lol

  4. I can't imagine a worse place to be stuck with a serial killer, lol. This sounds like fun!

  5. This is exactly the scenario I love for horror films!

  6. oooo i love serial killer's and i am curious about who it is. could it be someone wanting payback or just out to have some fun. lol
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. Former classmates, an abandoned school, and a snowstorm? What a perfect setting for some horror story fun! :D

  8. I definitely need to check this one out!!

  9. Kinda like The Breakfast Club but with a lot more blood. Lol.


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