Audiobook Review: Sociopaths In Love by Andersen Prunty

This one is something else!

Sociopaths In Love by Andersen Prunty

Released 2013

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Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They move in together and start a new life. They're beautiful and they have new things, expensive things, the best of everything, whatever they want. But that's only the surface. Beneath the surface is something much different. Something much darker. Theirs is a love like no other and only one of them will survive it.

My 2 Cents For Free!

I don’t know why I pick up books like these. It’s some strange compulsion that I cannot ignore. Some are better than others. This one falls right about in the middle but scores all the points for the gross-out.

An unhinged man enters the home of a young lady caring for her ill granny. He’s not there to make friends and have some tea either! He’s a dude who takes what he wants and walks away. He can do this because he has some sort of power that allows him to remain unseen once he walks away from the scene of his atrocities. I can’t fully wrap my head around that concept but I kept reading to find anyhow. So you can probably guess he is there for rapiness but he ends up finding more. Erica figures she’s not going to fight this guy because it will only be worse for her and she’s a little intrigued by the excitement of it all. After some extremely dubious con sex occurs Walt realizes she shares his super power and they head off into the sunset and live happily ever after doing whatever the heck they want without consequence.

Well, not really.

Love isn’t exactly easy when you’re a murderous sociopath who likes to eat people and glory in your own filth.

What follows is a horribly gross, murderous and twisted road trip filled with wicked turns and cruel acts that were nearly too much even for me. I’m talking poop covered mattresses, a poop filled room, poop piles tinged with blood. There is poop. There is too much poop! Poop isn’t something I like very much. I see enough poop. I raised two kids and currently have five pets. I need no more poop in my life.

Anyhow, what this book is really about is a narcissistic psycho who gets increasingly more depraved page by page. To be honest, I found it a little boring in spots. There was much debauchery but spending time in these peoples heads was sometimes tedious. They weren’t very interesting to me and I’m not quite sure what compelled me to finish so please don’t ask. I do not know what is wrong with me but I do feel like I need my brain scrubbed right now.

If you’re a similar weirdo and think you might want to push your limits this book will mostly likely do that for you!

The copy I listened to was narrated by the author who reads this tale of deviant deeds in a dead tone that suits the monsters inhabiting the story.

3 out of 5


  1. Oh my goodness, look at the cover. I would have picked it up, too. But can sociopaths TRULY love?

  2. It seems like maybe three stars is generous!

  3. Strange title. Even stranger cover. And it sounds like a pretty strange story, too. :)

  4. No, this doesn't really intrigue me.

  5. So I don't mind weird but I've had enough puppy poop lately that I don't need to read about it. When I'm not pushing the pup out the door every 5 minutes or collecting samples for vet appointments, I'm trying to escape it. However, the cover did make me chuckle!

  6. Nice to see I'm not the only one who reads weird stuff like this now and then. I think I'll pass on this poopy one though. LOL

  7. I swear I don't know what to say about that book cover!!! The one thing I can't read is anything with a lot of toilet function humour or torture as it turns my stomach!


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