Review: The Possession of Natalie Glasgow by Hailey Piper

This one sneaks up on you!

The Possession of Natalie Glasgow

Published August 2019

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Margaret Willow has never met an eleven-year-old as dangerous as Natalie Glasgow. Natalie spends her days comatose, but at night she prowls her mother’s home, unnaturally strong and insatiably carnivorous. With doctors baffled, Natalie’s mother reaches out to Margaret, an expert in the supernatural. But even Margaret is mystified and terrified by Natalie’s condition. She’s dying, and before she dies, she might kill someone. Has a demon clawed its way inside an eleven-year-old girl? Or does the source of this nightmare lie with Natalie’s dead father?

A tight, tense novella, The Possession of Natalie Glasgow twists the exorcism tale at every turn down to its final grave confrontation.

My 2 Cents For Free!

A desperate widow is at her wits end. Her young daughter is acting strangely and getting stranger by the day. She’s silent by day and roams the halls at night making far more noise than humanly possible and only raw meat seems to settle her for a little bit. The doctors are useless and perplexed and are exactly zero help with this increasingly terrifying situation. Mom says screw them all and calls in an expert in the supernatural. Margaret arrives and she’s stumped as well but she’s also tenacious and skilled and what she uncovers is heartbreaking and that’s all I’m saying about it. I have NO idea how I escaped having this book ruined for me because people have been talking about it ever since its release, but I’m so glad it wasn’t spoiled for me and I won’t be the big mouth who spoils it for you. If I were you I wouldn’t dive deep into any of the reviews until after you’ve read it for yourself.

The story starts off in the middle of this situation and throws you right into the mom’s harrowing ordeal. It’s eerie and tension-filled from the very beginning and it doesn’t ever let up. If you listen really closely all of the hints about what is truly going on are right there but that reveal still got me good and it’ll probably get you too. Parts of the story are completely heartbreaking and difficult to read but the author doesn’t leave you a broken mess and I was very thankful for it.

I listened to this novella as an unabridged audiobook read by Gemma Amor, a voice actor and an author herself, and she knows her way around a story. Her tone is lovely and she was a perfect choice for the telling of this haunting story.



  1. Another one to add to my list! :D

    1. I hope you get a chance to read it and that you enjoy it!

  2. That sounds so good. I do like a dark story at times.

    1. It is a good one to read on a rainy/overcast day.

  3. I've read this one. I enjoyed it and especially liked the SCARY descriptions of what possessed Natalie.

  4. That cover alone is giving me the heebie geebies.

  5. Time to call an exorcist I think...

  6. I need to snag this one!! So awesome that Gemma narrates!


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