DNF Review: Brand New Cherry Flavor by Todd Grimson


Brand New Cherry Flavor by Todd Grimson

Did you see this Netflix show? It's dark and gross and unique and all things strange. Lucky me had a copy of the book that I bought ages ago and apparently it was not reprinted alongside the series. Because it was in such hot demand I sold my ancient copy on Ebay for way too much money. I have zero regrets about it after attempting to listen to the copy I purchased with an Audible credit. Yikes was it ever a disappointment. Now I clearly understand why they did not reprint it!

These are the thoughts I shared with Goodreads. People like yelling at me over there so that's the reason I write reviews the way I do now, lol. But little do they know, they've motivated me to write more DNF "reviews" because of their shittiness. 

I quit this at 20%. That was already too much of my life. I'm not going to tiptoe around this shit anymore. I thought it was a big ol' mess and I'm struggling to find something positive to say because people say we need to do that or our reviews are useless but sometimes there just isn't anything nice to say and, much to my own detriment, I don't have it in me to shut up about the good, the meh AND the bad. If I finish this it will likely get one star from me and I'll have to tell you all why in detail and then I'll get screamed at for being negative so I know when it's time to quit a thing.

The characters here were awful (not that awful characters ever stop me from reading a book but I know some of you don't like them so yeah these people were totally awful), the motivation for the curse made Lisa here look like a big dummy, it was casually racist and transphobic and generally unpleasant and the plot was all over the place. Watch the series on Netflix if you're interested. They fixed everything that was wrong with this book.

I'm so mad at myself for wasting a precious Audible credit on this! And for anyone who wants to yell at me for commenting on a book that I did not finish, don't bother. I will stick my fingers in my ears until they bleed. My fingers and my ears! I am not squeamish! I wasted my time and my money and if you loved the book that is fantastic but nothing you say will change my mind and force me to finish it.

This is a review of my personal reading experience. Yours may differ. Don't be blaming me if it does!


  1. I didn't see this on Netflix but it doesn't sound like something I would watch.

  2. "People like yelling at me over there so that's the reason I write reviews the way I do now, lol. " Ha love it.

    I saw this on Netflix (not SAW it as in watched it, but saw that it was there) and was SO curious! That's good to know that they fixed the problematical stuff for the show! I heard it was quite a trip though.

    1. I loved the show. It was just SO strange. They did a great job modernizing and fixing the book because . . . yikes!

  3. I LOVE your reviews and truly wish I had more chutzpah to be able to deal with the "yelling" and "whining" -- I had one author (who gave me their book to read) berate me for not liking his book, happened several years ago and I am still hesitant to write something bad in a review.

    1. Aww, thanks for being so sweet. I'm sorry this nonsense has happened to you too. It can be very demotivating.


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