Review: House of Lazarus by T.L. Bodine

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House of Lazarus by T.L. Bodine

Released September 21, 2021

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Things were just starting to look up for Davin Montoya -- 23 years old and freshly deceased, he'd at least found something like a family among his fellow Undead. But life as a reanimated corpse has its downfalls. Unemployment, for one, and the threat of discovery by the government's anti-Undead Coalition, for another.

As Davin tries his best to care for his teenage sister -- a YouTube journalist *this* close to cracking a major conspiracy, she's sure of it -- and navigate a new relationship with his zombie boyfriend, he stumbles upon a disturbing truth: There are many more Undead in Los Ojos than he realized, and they know some dark secrets.

Now Davin's got a choice. He can get involved with these desperate zombie squatters and risk losing the life he has...or he can walk away from his best chance at uncovering the real truth of what happened the night he died.  

My 2 Cents For Free!

House of Lazarus continues the tale that started with River of Souls. You can *probably* read this one on its own but I’d recommend reading River of Souls first to get the entire backstory. It’s an excellent take on the zombie horror novel and I think you should be reading it anyway 😁

This book picks up right where the previous one ended. It follows Davin, his teen sister and Davin’s undead boyfriend Randy as they attempt to live their lives in a world turned upside down after the dead have risen. There is a lot going on here that our group is attempting to figure out at their own peril. There’s first of all the fact that the dead don’t stay dead (ahhh!) but they’re really the least of our groups worries, there’s also a whole mess going on with a drug created to supposedly keep the dead somewhat stable and non-killery but firsthand experience and reports from the media do not add up and there’s a shady corporation doing what shady corporations do so they have a lot to figure out! All of this puts a little strain on Davin and Randy’s brand new relationship as it will. You really feel for Davin in this book, just like the previous one, he’s such a decent person and has so much on his plate.

The best thing about this story for me is that its characters are doing their best to do the right thing, even when the right thing is the hardest thing. They’re good at heart and they kept me turning the pages. There are many devious and sinister and terrible things afoot here and the end leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger but answers enough questions so I’m happy about it and will definitely be reading the next one.

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About Author T.L. Bodine

T.L. Bodine writes dark fantasy and horror. She's interested in uncanny, fantastic things, and the way real people with real problems interact with them.

You can also read up-and-coming stories on Wattpad, or check out her Tumblr for writing advice, creepypasta, and more.

When not writing, she can usually be found watching horror movies, playing story-heavy video games, or experimenting in the kitchen.

She lives in New Mexico with her husband, David, and two small dogs.

Catch up with T.L. Bodine's most recent projects here:


  1. That sounds pretty good and I love the creepy cover.

    1. I love it when a book focuses on its characters as much as its horrors and this one succeeds at that so well.

  2. Ooh looking forward to your reviews. :)

    I like the idea of this being about zombies trying to do the right thing rather than just being all killery. Fun!

    1. I love it when they're not completely brain dead beasts!

  3. I loved this one so much! These characters are just so wonderful. I'm glad to see this was a hit for you as well!

    1. It's been such a great series so far. I can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful cast of characters and a fun book in a fun series. Good review!

    1. it's a great zombie series focusing on the humanity left in those infected.

  5. I haven't read a zombie story in a long time, I might need to check out this series😁


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