It Doesn't Go Away by Wendy Dalrymple | Book Review

Feel like a solo hike? You won't after this!

It Doesn't Go Away by Wendy Dalrymple

Released February 2023

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A woman on the brink. A long, endless hike. Something waiting in the woods.

There’s something waiting for her along the Appalachian Trail. Watching. Following. She knows it. She can feel their eyes on her at every corner. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up…

In the aftermath of a horrible traumatic incident, a woman sets out on a solo long-distance hiking trip along the Appalachian Trail. Despite her insistence to push through, dark forces manifest in strangers' faces and terror sets in. With every turn through the dense, dark wood, she discovers that running away from her past is more difficult than it seems, and in the end, it just doesn’t go away.

My 2 Cents for Free!

It Doesn’t Go Away is a tense little novella filled with danger that lurks around every corner while slowly revealing some painful trauma. It’s a very creepy read and the dread hits you fast and never lets up.

A nameless narrator who calls herself “Barb” decides to hit the Appalachian Trail alone (and woefully underprepared) after a traumatic event. Are there bears on the AT? Never mind. It doesn’t matter because I’m not going even if you say no because running into a bear on a trail once in my lifetime was one time too many! Anyhow, bears are the least of Barb’s worries here. There are creepers who lurk around every corner, real or imagined, again it doesn’t matter because they’re real to Barb and a scary scenario soon becomes completely terrifying on so many levels.

I’ll be honest here and tell you that I had to put the book down for a day because something blindsided me with terrible memories. I read a lot of brutal things and there is so much trauma in horror lately that I really should’ve figured it out (apparently, I’m not always good at that!) but this one snuck up on me and reminded me of some things I had buried and I needed a little breather because I wasn’t emotionally ready to think about it. I’ll stick it down below under spoiler tags so you can be warned if you need to be warned but most people will likely see it coming before I did anyway.

I’m glad I went back in because I enjoyed the story. Barb’s spiraling thoughts, her stew of messy emotions, her desire to remain anonymous and process her trauma on her own terms, and the need to just run the fuck away felt really genuine. There was also a surprising moment that I LOVED because ICK but I won’t be a jerk and spoil. It made me laugh but it also grossed me out and you deserve to experience that moment too, haha.

Give it a read, it moves fast and packs a punch.




Last Chance

Content Warning: Suicide by Gunshot


  1. Sorry you got blindsided like that.

    1. Thank you. I prefer knowing that stuff beforehand but sometimes it creeps up on me.

  2. The idea of something on the Appalachian Trail (or any trail lol) is such a great premise, and it does sound like this packs a wallop!

    1. Definitely! So creepy just being out there alone nevermind with everything else, yikes!

  3. I have heard stories of people disappearing on the Appalachian Trail. Let someone know your out hiking alone.
    It Doesn't Go Away sound like a good thriller.

  4. Something on the Appalachian Trail? I'm so in! Sounds like a very fun and creepy read. :D

  5. This sounds like it would be worth a read. I can understand how that scene would be jarring if you didn't know it was coming.

    1. She's a great writer. I've enjoyed everything I've read by her so far and it looks like she a bunch of stuff in the works!


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