The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Wendy Dalrymple

This was, dare I say it without losing my horror membership card, a cozy feeling little horror-romance story.

The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Wendy Dalrymple

Released July 2021

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Joseph Moore is looking for a fresh start for himself and his son River after the recent death of his wife. With the ink already dry on the purchase of a rambling rural Victorian-era home in St. Augustine prior to her death, and family in close proximity, he decides that the property will be the perfect place for him and his son to heal. However, almost as soon as they arrive, Joseph realizes that they aren't proud new homeowners, but unwanted visitors.

Carolina Braun knows that she's dead... she just doesn't want to accept it. Free-spirited in life, her family always held her back from living the way she wanted. Now, more than a hundred years after her death, Carolina is still holding on to the fact that she never got to really live and wants to make sure that everyone around her knows it -- especially the awful man that is trying to make an absolute spectacle of her home.

When he discovers the cantankerous ghost's hidden stash of paintings in the attic, her unfinished business becomes clear. With Joseph's help, Carolina's artwork can be released into the world and her spirit can be set free as her home is restored to its former glory. Only now after meeting Joseph and his son, Carolina has a whole new reason to stay.

My 2 Cents for Free!

This was such a cozy read. Life is stressful for all of us right now and sometimes it’s really nice to wind down with a ghostly romance that won’t add more stress to my day with its torment, trauma and angst.

Joseph bought crumbling Jacaranda Manor because it was his wife’s dream house but she dies soon after the papers are signed. Now he’s stuck with it. He moves in with his young son hoping to fix it up and flip it and keep himself distracted from his grief. But it’s an old house and surprise! they’re not alone in the house . . .

Carolina died a 100 or so years ago but she’s been trapped inside the house ever since. She’s not at all thrilled when this dude comes stomping in with his stuff, his kid, and a big dog. I mean, can you blame her?! There goes any peace and quiet. 😳

Having had her own life and future cut short, Carolina soon develops a friendship with the little boy who is sad and needs a friend, and she doesn’t mind the dog so much but the man is annoying with his loud music and beer guzzling and the tearing down of her precious home. But these two are both gorgeous and lonely and you know how that’s gonna go, right?!

Eventually, Joseph grows on her (not in a fungus way - sorry fungus fans) and they start to develop feelings but eh she’s a ghost so this is weird, lol. But I like weird so it worked for me because of course it did. This was super sweet and my only complaint is that it felt a little bit too insta-lovey and I would’ve liked to have seen that relationship play out slower with more showing instead of a love declaration which felt a little out of the blue but it was likely unavoidable because this is a novella.

I definitely recommend The Ghost and Mr. Moore if you’re in need of something that’ll make your heart happy.


  1. This does sound like a fun ghost story. And there's a dog! bonus points for that. :D

  2. That does sound like a fun read.


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