Mini Review Dump #5 - It's All 4 Stars+ Today

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Let's face it, most of my reviews lately are what most people consider "mini" anyhow. Most of the time I'd rather be reading than writing an essay deconstructing every part of a book, so it is what it is. Here are the quick takes and the thoughtless thoughts about the recent(ish) books I've read. 

Red, White & Royal Blue


This was a good read with some terribly flawed characters who pissed me off multiple times before I learned all of the circumstances. It's a well-crafted spooky read with some great characterization. Stick with it if the fighting between the siblings starts putting you off. I probably would've quit if I weren't listening on audio because it's long and the arguments drove me nuts but I'm so glad I finished. I’m also pretty sure my mother’s creepy ass Ashton Drake dolls feature heavily in this book so that was an extra level of creep. Recommended if you don't mind being very annoyed for a bit.


"Freedom means that I get to be as beautifully imperfect as everyone else."

I had only surface knowledge of Britney Spears and the conservatorship she was stuck in when I picked up this book. Discovering what went on and how she was treated by her own family was horrifying and tragic. I hope she remains ok, enjoys her life and that her family gets a good kick in the ass when karma catches up with them.


These stories (five or so) included in Amazon's "Creature Feature Collection" have been a bit hit or miss for me ranging from creepfest to snorefest. 

This one - a folk horror short - about a young couple dealing with grief, was excellent at the creepiness. I recommend it if you like this kind stuff. The audio version was excellent. I listened to it as part of Kindle Unlimited.


I know people keep saying this, but this was truly such a comforting read. It has a bit more action than Legends & Lattes but it still has the same cozy feel and the ending was lovely. If this is the beginning of a "cozy fantasy" trend, I'm all in.

I liked L&L just a smidge more but that's because I'm not really an action fan so it's 4 1/2 stars for me. 

That's it for now. Have you read any of them? Or read something else that you want the world to read? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm kind of all for cozy fantasy

  2. I've heard a little bit about the Britney Spears book and how everyone around her treated her badly.

    1. Yep, treated like one of those women in victorian times. It's very sad.


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