Bee Tornado by Chris Sorensen | Horror Fiction Review

If you like creepy crawly B movie horror comedies (and why wouldn't you?!) give this one a go.

Bee Tornado by Chris Sorensen

Released July 2023

Source: Received for review consideration

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Derek Stratton, a broke and widowed storm chaser, is trying his best to support his daughter Mel. Their lives take a dangerous turn when a colossal tornado releases a swarm of prehistoric bees from the Colorado soil, plunging them into a treacherous fight for survival. Derek finds an unexpected partnership with an eccentric bee expert and his sister-in-law, a local cop. Together, they embark on a harrowing race against the clock to rescue Mel from the Bee Tornado.

My 2 Cents for Free!

Please keep these wild creature features coming! Sometimes a reader (me, okay, it’s me) wants something creepy crawly, sorta ridiculous but maybe completely plausible too . . . Bee Tornado is all of these things and just like Suckerville, the pages fly!

Things start off when two young dudes decide that spelunking down a cavern to retrieve some wonky flowers will bring them riches. Instead, their adventure brings them something else entirely. They’ve unwittingly released a hell-storm of prehistoric bees who form themselves into, you guessed it, a BEE TORNADO! Can one down-on-his-luck hapless hero save everyone from a deadly stinging?

Read Bee Tornado to find out. I hate it when others say that about books JUST TELL ME ALREADY lol but here I go saying it just the same. Also just read Bee Tornado if you want a fun Syfy movie in book form. It has some gross moments, but I didn’t find it quite as disgusting as Suckerville. It is a fast and furious adventure, but it’s also populated with a few characters who you’ll surprisingly want to root for. Derek is the first to discover the threat of the bees. He’s a mess of a character but damn if I didn’t feel for him in the end. This story may be a creature feature filled with pigeon-sized (omg) bees but it’s also rooted in grief and has a good heart at its center. It also has a sneaky bigfoot appearance which is something more books need, if you ask me.

Give it a go if you need some buggy fun in your reading life.



  1. I was going to say this sounded like a perfect Syfy movie...and one I would totally watch.


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