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Hello, everyone! I hope you found some time to read last week or were at least able to take some time for yourself. 

Recent Reads & Listens 

I still have an arc or two to finish up and then I'm reading purely for me. New books, old books, books that catch my eye. If I don't like them I'll be free to toss them. Ahhh, the freedom. Here's what I've finished recently:

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Additions to the TBR

I found nearly new copies of The Wicked King & The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black inside one of the Little Free Libraries last week, so I grabbed them not realizing they were books #2 & #3 in The Folk of Air series. Ooops. So, I ordered book #1, The Cruel Prince, so I could read them in order.

Have you read this series yet? 

Recent Watches


We just finished up Fargo Season 6 and it was a wild one! Jon Hamm was the absolute worst example of toxic masculinity. Highly recommended. I found it very hard to tear my eyes away.

We're currently watching the new episodes for True Detective Night Country as they air and so far I'm intrigued. I've seen a lot of complaints that it's very slow but I'm not finding that to be true. It's not always action packed but things progress every episode and the characterization is excellent. Unless they blow the ending, it's a recommend from me.

We're also watching this Harlan Coben adaptation but I'm finding it ridiculously convoluted, and I complain about everything throughout every episode. I don't know why anyone is still watching this with me 🤣 The lead actress feels miscast to me and there's just way too much going on for my head. It's getting a 3 from me so far but it's a low 3 that may turn into a 2 if it goes any further off the rails. I've still two episodes to go so who knows else they might throw at me? Maybe Bigfoot will come along and clear everything up and all will be forgiven.

What's Next

I've been winging it but I know for sure I'll be starting these two soon. I'm reading Starling House for the March Horror Spotlight Readalong (you can join us at the discord here!) and I'm reading A Court of Thorns & Roses with a group of friends next week. I think we may be the last few readers who haven't read the series yet and I'm looking forward to our chats.

Favorite Snap of the Week

Poor Pat's had to have a few shots yesterday and he was such a good boy, even if his face says something else 🤣

Link Ups

In an effort to actually be social again in the book blogging world, I'm going to be linking this post up to Caffeinated Reviewer's Sunday Post & The Sunday Salon at Readerbuzz.  Link yourself up and make some new blogging friends!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Both September House and Starling House are on my TBR list...and are two books I really want to read this year!

    1. I really enjoyed September House! I hope you do too.

  2. That definitely looks like a resentful cat face. I hope he gets over it.
    best, mae at

    1. Haha, he's back to his semi-grumpy, pampered self today.

  3. I've been wanting to read Harrow. Holly Black too. And ooh that Baldree series I've seen nothing but good stuff. I read something by him where he talked about his self publishing journey- super fascinating

    1. You need to read the Baldree to brighten your week!

  4. Your cat's face definitely says something else!!

    Have a great week.

  5. I read The Cruel Prince but I didn't read on. This is my usual pattern with series. I love to find books I've been wanting to read in my Little Free Library.

    1. I'm terrible with following through with series because I'm always pulled in a million different directions with new releases.

  6. September House was a favorite last year, I can't believe it's a debut! I've got to start watching Fargo, I don't know why I haven't yet.

    1. You can start Fargo at this season as they all stand alone!


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