Warning: The Leaden Man by The Not-So-Famous Stephen King

The Leaden Man
UPDATE:  This misleading book has been removed from Amazon.com!

My rating: DNF

So, I am perusing the new hot horror releases on Amazon.com today and I see that #20 is a new story by Stephen King called "The Leaden Man". Why aren't my friends talking about this?! Have I finally spotted something first? It's only $1.99 so I click to see what this is all about, thinking I have just discovered something newsworthy.

And then I read a few lines.

What kind of f*ckery is this? If this was written by Stephen King, then I hereby declare myself Nora Roberts!

I picked a snippet at random. Is it just me or does someone have a seriously weird lips fetish? Hmm, I think I would've noticed this in a King novel before now. Anyone reading my reviews knows that I am no grammar queen but this was so riddled with weird grammatical abominations that I felt the need to share my pain with the rest of you. How is this allowed?! And a small number of people are actually buying & praising it!

 photo WFery_zpssluheblt.png

Be warned! Apparently this person has been scamming readers this way for years and Amazon won't do anything about it.

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