Erotica Review: Filthy Fairy Tales by Lexi Maxxwell

Filthy Fairy Tales
 3 of 5 stars
I got this free at Amazon a little while back but now, it seems, they've made it "unavailable". WTH is up with Amazon pulling all of the fun books?

Now that I've read a little of this I can honestly say that it's everything I hoped it would be ;) There are three stories in this book and the first is a pervy take on The Little Mermaid. After watching humans go at it, this mermaid wants in on the fun and wishes for some genuine lady parts so she will able to do some very unlady-like things. The writing is light-hearted and fun and doesn't take things seriously.

So far? Totally worth what I paid for it ;)

A little later: Hmmm, this was not bad at all for a freebie but it became very repetitive, very quickly. One can only take so much anonymous screwing before one's brain goes numb.

The Little Mermaid story was decent (3 1/2 stars). Picockio (2 stars) was meh and the most repetitive for me. I just didn't dig the storyline, I guess. It's about a wooden sexbot and his wish to become a real man who gets sidetracked by sexy times and lakes of body fluid. The Snow White story was probably the best with a twisted up plot that was evil and sarcastic but, like the rest, repetitive. All of them could've been cut by quite a few pages, if you ask me.

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