Romance Review: Burn Down the Night by M.O'Keefe

Burn Down the Night
      4 of 5 stars

*I received  this book as an ARC from Netgalley. 

Joan has hatched an incredibly dangerous scheme in order to rescue her sister from a dangerous, drug cooking, sister-wife cult leader who has ties with a motorcycle club (a mouthful, I know, sorry). She’s spent the last six months prepping for this moment but things go slightly awry, as things do. She ends up without her sister and sort-of kidnapping the injured leader of the motorcycle club.

In his gory face his lips twisted and it was almost breathlessly eerie. A terrible reminder that he might be laid low for the time being but he was still the devil.

Uh oh. But that’s not all . . .

He would tear me apart. The tremor I felt in my stomach was part fear and part desire. Which was exactly the mix I liked with men. It was why I had only slept with women lately. Because my compass, when it came to men, led me into dangerous places. With women—I was the dangerous place. The risk.

These two are now lying low, having made some very dangerous enemies, and are sequestered away in a small condo while Max heals from his injuries. There is tension, sexual and otherwise, as they’re stuck together trying to figure out their next move. They are truly two of a kind and both are pretty much a hot mess and, because of it, this book is stuffed to bursting with angst. If you like angst, boy do I have a book for you.

I like angst so this book was for me but I’m not going to lie, there was a point when even I became tired of listening to them agonize all over themselves but that’s when something beautiful happens and, nope, I am not going to give anything else away even though I really want to.

This is a sexy and lovely romance with beautiful characterization and some rough edges and it’s definitely worth a read if this sounds like your thing.

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