A Death by Stephen King

A Death by Stephen King, Short Horror Story
Jim Trusdale had a shack on the west side of his father’s gone-to-seed ranch, and that was where he was when Sheriff Barclay and half a dozen deputized townsmen found him, sitting in the one chair by the cold stove, wearing a dirty barn coat and reading an old issue of the Black Hills Pioneer by lantern light. Looking at it, anyway.

My Goodreads friends alerted me to this free short story You can read it online free by clicking HERE.

It will only take you a few minutes to read but I think it's worth your time. It's dark but has a few moments of King humor.

Where is it, Jim?”

“My hat?”

“You think I went up your ass looking for your hat? Or through the ashes in your stove? Are you being smart?”

A man is accused of murdering a young girl back in the wild, wild west. He claims he's innocent and doesn't even know her but they've found his hat with the body. Did he or didn't he do it? You'll have to read it to find out.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am off to procrastinate on work a little longer, I guess. :)

    1. It's Friday, we all deserve a break ;) I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Thank you for sharing I love King and will be reading this :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it's! It's the perfect length for a coffee break :)

  3. Always nice when reader friends let you know about a freebie :D


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