Little Dead Red by Mercedes M. Yardley (audio)

This is a fairytale retelling you won't want to miss if you prefer things on the darkside . . .

Little Dead Red by Mercedes M. Yardley
Narrated by Joe Hempel
Audio Released: August 2016
Horror Novella
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LITTLE DEAD RED is a realistic fairy tale that creeps in the dark with modern day wolves and those who hunt them.

This is a not happy tale. Terrible things happen to innocent people.

Little Red Dead is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood which was never a sweet tale anyway, but author Mercedes Yardley takes the bones of that fable and gives it a very gritty, very modern treatment and turns it into a horrifying read.

Some women have all the luck. Marie is not one of them. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story and am honestly unsure how to even tackle this review. I’ll just say that Marie suffers from two huge losses that leave her devastated, emotionally drained and at her wits end. After a kind man and his wife intervene, instead of succumbing to depression she decides to plot revenge.

This is a well plotted, well executed, bleak and painfully emotional short story – all the things I look for in a story such as this but it is not an feel good read. You have been warned.

Narration Notes: As this story is told from Marie’s POV, I’m not going to lie, I do wish it had been narrated by a woman but that’s my own personal preference. That said, narrator Joe Hempel does a fine job with the darkness of the story and doesn’t ruin the female voices with painful falsetto. I cannot tell you how many times a guy has ruined a female character for me with a cringy performance and vice-versa. I found it hard to tear myself away from the audio and do things like go to work and listen to people who needed to ask me oh so important questions that could not wait (yeah, that’s sarcasm you hear there) because the storytelling was so involving.

I received a copy of this audiobook courtesy of Audiobook Boom.


  1. It seems strange that the narrator was male when the MC is female. There seems to be something about sitting reading or wearing headphones that compels people to talk to you...

    1. I know, right? What is up with people? It's the same way when I'm reading a book in public or even carrying one. People just can't stop talking!

  2. I think I have this. I know I recognize the title and cover. Now I must go see and read it!


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