Your Soul Was Made for Mine by C.L.Hunter

Your Soul Was Made for Mine by  C.L. Hunter
Released: September 2015, 334 Pages
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Looking for a new shade of grey? In her romantic, erotic fantasy, "Your Soul Was Made for Mine," author C. L. Hunter magnificently weaves a tale of loss, pain, romance, and electrifying thrills that will keep you captivated until the very end. When their lives converge in Ireland, Nolan and Emmalyn will never be the same as dangers appear from Nolan's past and the lovers unravel astonishing secrets together. With their union guided by an angel, each new discovery takes them to places, events, and ecstasies they could have never imagined possible. 

Three and 1/2 evil kitties but I'll round up to four because it surprised me.

“Looking for another shade of grey?” asks the blurb but I’m not sure why. I always assumed that there hinted at “grey” book was wall-to-wall sex but maybe I’m wrong seeing as I’ve never read it and I was nearly halfway through this one before the sexy times began.

Your Soul Was Made for Mine is a bit more than a sex-fest. If you’re looking for some Alexa Riley type action straight-away, you will need some patience. This is a story about over-coming grief, building a friendship through pages and pages of handwritten letters and, yeah, it’s also about a super-rich handsome man who knows what he wants when he sees it and sets out to make it his.

After a deathbed encounter, Nolan believes in fate, angels and souls that were meant to be together for eternity. He also thinks nothing of spending $40,000 on a bottle of bubbly in order to woo his soul mate Emmalyn who cannot resist his lusty ways once they meet in the flesh (and, really, why would you want to?).

This was an interesting blend of fantasy and romance and wasn’t at all what I was expecting after reading a snippet of the blurb. It’s more of an old-fashioned love story, the kind that takes its time getting to know the characters and building their relationship as well as creating the world in which they live. When the two come together it’s explicit but there’s more here than the sexy times and that’s not a complaint. The couple travel (he is a bazillionare from Ireland, after all) and the customs and landscapes are beautifully weaved into their love story.

I found the story a wee bit hard to get into, truth be told and no, it’s not because the sexy times were delayed, I like sexless books too! It's because the dialogue felt a little formal and unnatural and continually threw me out of things. I thought it was an aspect of the letter writing telling the tale for the first half but it pretty much continued as the story went along. I did get used to it but it took me awhile. I enjoyed the characters and thought they came across as real people meant for each other.

I’d recommend this to someone looking for a meaty, slower burn of a romance with a lovely side of erotic sex.

The FTC makes me declare that I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest thoughts.


  1. This sounds good even thought it started out a bit slow for you. I like that it was different than you thought it would be and it worked for you.

    1. Thanks, Carole. It was much different from most of the things I normally read but I needed a change of pace so this came at just the right time.

  2. I don't know...with a blurb like that ("Looking for another shade of Grey?"), readers are set up for a sure disappointment. Especially if this doesn't have an all out sex romps at every page. Lol.

    1. Ah, yeah, the blurb is quite misleading and threw me. I hate comparisons like that anyway.


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