My Lactation Consultant is a Lesbian Werewolf by Bytch Williams

Retro Review

My Lactation Consultant is a Lesbian Werewolf by Bytch Williams
27 Pages

New Mother Gwynne Westerlund thinks she is going for an ordinary visit to a lactation consultant. But things quickly take a turn for the strange - and the very HOT - when she steps into Samantha Lindofferson's office. An expert in the field of lactation, the sexy Samantha is also insatiably horny - and devilishly cursed! 

Join Gwynne for a trip into titillation and terror as Samantha transforms from a buttoned up beauty providing medical assistance into a buxom babe performing amorous acts - and then into a fearsome creature doing the unspeakable! 

From the acclaimed author of 'Slammed by Santa,' 'Bigfoot, You ARE the Father!' and 'Savaged by Slenderman' comes the latest in Bytch Williams's 'Banged by Famous Monsters' series, the thrilling 'My Lactation Consultant is a Lesbian Werewolf!'

My Thoughts

This little story is part of the "banged by famous monsters series". These not so famous ones may appear at a later date, perhaps? I guess we can only hold out hope because I'd love to read a story about the Ahuizotl what with its handy dandy "murder hand"or the Mongolian Death Worm! Anyway, this ebook contains 27 fetish filled pages sure to permanently and forever shut down any romantic longings you may secretly be harboring for werewolves. Or not . . . Who am I to say?

This is a weird one and features an interesting take on silencing an annoying husband. It's bloody and messy and mixes sex and gore and lactation (yeah, really) in a ridiculously over the top manner. If this is your idea of sexy get yourself a copy. I won't judge you.

If you happen to pick this up, say purely for curiosity's sake as I did, and you happen to like it a little bit, well you have no one to blame but yourself!


  1. I'll take a pass on this one. Though that title made me quite curious.

  2. I haven't read monster porn but I do get a kick out of reading the titles to my husband. The face he made when I read this title to him was something to see.

    1. I can only imagine! This one was something else.

  3. What an interesting title. I've not read any monster porn either but you do have me curious!

    1. Hehee, you probably shouldn't start with this one!


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