Pound of Flesh by Jessa Kane Book Review

I pressed my sarcasm button and this spewed out.

Pound of Flesh by Jessa Kane
Released December 2016
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Beast saw Beauty. And the hunt was on. 

A beast has just kicked down my front door. 
He’s massive, scarred, just out of prison and refuses to budge. 
Unless I go with him. 

He’s made it clear what he wants—my untouched body beneath his giant, damaged one. 
If I run, he’ll hunt me down and take it. 

But when he slips and shows me his desperation… 
I’m no longer sure whether I want to run to him or away from him. 

These Are My Thoughts

I read this a little while ago but someone told me my blog has been boring lately and they are probably right. I figured this review might perk up your eyeballs or send you running screaming as far away from me and my blog as possible. I aim to do both but apparently have been failing. Sorry, life has been sucking the joy and sarcasm right out of me. 

This little story is about a recently released bulldog faced convict who is built like an ogre (sounds sexy, eh?!) who takes a young (but not too young) beauty hostage to get back at her brother for some reason or another. Don't ask. I don't know and I wouldn't tell you if I did. If you want to know you'll have to put this sucker on your own Kindle. Mostly it's the sex he wants anyway, if you were wondering, and I'd like to think you were, lol.

Surprising she's pretty cool with it. I guess she likes monstrous men who take what they want. Hey, we all have our little quirks, I suppose  . . .

This is "ravage me, I love it" soft porn. No monsters in it, alas, unless you count the human troll. My brain was tired and I needed something slightly offensive and silly to take my mind off my real life woes and this one did the trick.

Sorta recommended if you're bored and want to forget about life, I guess?

If you choose to read it don't blame me if you find yourself loving it!

3 out of 5


  1. The story premise sounds fun. I don't think you've been boring but I do love some fun sarcasm and snark.

    1. It was fun. Sometimes you just want a completely mindless read, you know? I'll try to dial up the snark. I've been reigning it in and I miss it. I also have to get back to reading some fluffy fun stuff - for my own sanity.

  2. This might be what I need to get my reading mojo back in gear. LOL I have a feeling I'd like it too:)

    1. Haha, it was a nice break from the heavier stuff I normally read.

  3. Thanks for a fun review. Definitely something to take your mind off things. And hey, I might just like this bulldog faced criminal :)


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